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15:42 15/09/2015

Two massive buys and still the sp goes down. What is going on?

13:40 15/09/2015

3000000 sale. That's not helped. I wonder who that was?

09:12 06/03/2015

Bought at 46.16 nearly 10 months ago and was very tempted to sell a chunk this morning at 58 to lock in some profit. I held off in the hope of clawing a few extra pennie. Dont let me down Costis

11:03 25/02/2015

Positive news if you look at the link below

11:03 25/02/2015
13:40 09/01/2015

Regarding GoAppZone (Studio), I see this a nice to have part of the suite (a good selling point), I doubt there is any revenue generated from it. The real value is in the other parts of the Go!Enterprise platform, which I assume can be used with other Development Tools. Interested in other people's opinions

10:47 17/12/2014

Only DTS to DTS Chat, alike our 'person icon' next to our names. DTS is good for an all-in-one place collection of messages - saves us having to goto 3 sites to find clues!

10:43 17/12/2014

can anyone see my comments? useless system

10:41 17/12/2014

Hi MrRight! Artios won't ever be able to see your message as, it's a web-scraped chat stream from [link] (You'll know this from the icon adjacent to his name)

10:31 17/12/2014

artios, how do you know this?