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SAV shedfull 18 Nov 2014

Re: Going well today PharmaYes a very good RNS and I am glad you heard my echo, I am in for long term.The assay results for Jangamo should be announced within the next week or two and JORC before Christmas, I also wonder if there is a finance deal with APF this week as I still believe Bergen are finished.SAV are certainly moving in the right direction and I believe 12p/ 14p will be easily broken on the Jangamo JORC news as DA himself has said a lot of newsflow to come.

TTG The buzz 18 Nov 2014

FD Throwing in the Towel I see that the FD is leaving to pursue other opportunities. One begins to wonder if he left on his own accord or was pushed. Not a good sign in my books as it might be the precursor for more bad news?The B

DCG nk1999 18 Nov 2014

Mail-Midas "Dairy Crest's announced sale of its dairies is a smart deal because it will leave the company free to concentrate on more profitable products such as Country Life butter and Davidstow Cheddar, Midas said in the Mail on Sunday. Dairy Crest's prospects are brighter than before and if the deal goes through the shares are a firm hold. But with approval needed by competition authorities, pessimistic investors should take gains now in case the transaction falls through."From Mail on Sunday.

MXO Stuartyboy999 18 Nov 2014

November? This is November.. Patience, it will come. It will be like a 5 year old wakening up on Xmas morning!! The RNS (s) will come soon..GL

SAV Pharma Brown 18 Nov 2014

Re: Going well today Another good RNS today. Massive new territory with brilliant prospects for both copper and gold open-cast mining, adjoining existing Block 5: should comfortably be able to find that 'critical mass' to justify a centrally-placed processing plant. Early days, but I have faith in David Archer's proved ability to focus on fast-tracking the exploration and development stages. 2015 looking set to be an exciting year for news flow. The SP has previously gone above 12p on Jangamo alone, and I doubt much value, if any, is currently attributed to the prospects in Oman. This board is quiet and echoey because it is not filled with short-term traders, just a few 'real investors' interested in the longer term, looking to multi-bag a sizeable holding with research and patience, rather than risk a quick 10% on a small punt following those 'chartist gurus'.

INVP Ripley94 18 Nov 2014

Re: Anyone Alive here? N/C

HTIG SalopTractor 18 Nov 2014


HTIG sandgrounder 18 Nov 2014

think I've made enough historical profits that I'm running on free shares

HLMA valuemanbuyer 18 Nov 2014

Sell or hold Many happy holders of Halma may be wondering whether to cash in especially as we are now looking at a forward earnings of over 22x. My shares have almost doubled since buying May 2010.The issue is why sell when they aim to double sales and profits roughly every five years.if that can be achieved going forward then it is likely the shares will maintain their premium rating . They may dip 10% in rough markets as we had last month and that should be seen as a buying opportunity possibly. I can't think of a safer ,more consistent or better place to invest my capital than Halma.One for old age .

MSMN Noddy 18 Nov 2014


COST Ripley94 18 Nov 2014

Re: re- in the dark yet again. And other... n/c

STG sydjames 18 Nov 2014

irg jv signed have u got a link onceatrader

SOLO jmh 18 Nov 2014

I'm wanting buy out at £2 😸

HTIG SalopTractor 18 Nov 2014

whats ur ave?

HTIG SalopTractor 18 Nov 2014

i bought som more at 0.14 this am