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BBY Field Marshall Lodl 18 Nov 2014

I don't care... if the order book loses 30% of orders, so long as what they do tender for and win is profitably priced.

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

gm prost

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

SMDR one4all 18 Nov 2014

sona paying £170mill markt cap £233mill so all the rest of SMDRs assets are only worth £60mill reflected in share price ?? don't think so . how much is the other 60% of Bula' worth then if 40% is worth £170mill.DO the math.... then take off the debt. still clearance of £200millBUY

HLMA survived2crashes 18 Nov 2014

35th year in a row increased divi 5% or more!!! The market likes them I like them !!!

SMDR one4all 18 Nov 2014

bought more, its dirt cheap will be taken out will move back above 110p just have patience

EMED davegrace 18 Nov 2014


SMDR Noddy 18 Nov 2014

I don't trust the BOD after this so I'm out with a modest loss. Unless OPHR cough up sharpish I see this heading back to recent lows and further given the significant drop in the oil price over the period. GLA

AGQ Noddy 18 Nov 2014

If the metals have a decent rally this will be one of the best performers on the market.

LLOY Snyder 18 Nov 2014

clip clop clip the old nag starting to trot?

HTIG SalopTractor 18 Nov 2014

I just gave HTIG a BUY rating: Seller gone, MCAP £450,000, tendering for multiple contracts, insurance payout in 2014.. Will I be right? [link]

PTV BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

PTV and UEN made my morning

PTV armagain 18 Nov 2014

set top boxes The Directors are pleased to announce that Kartina has confirmed in writing that the Company's product has satisfactorily completed technical due diligence.

SMDR city watcher 18 Nov 2014

Re: RNS -Whoops! Surely this is a gift now with all the excitement of some more bidding to come. But only from companies that have done their sums right and CAN afford this prestigious oil exploration company.May not be rewarded fully in time for Christmas though![link]

3IN alpal 18 Nov 2014

Re: Investment in la Sante prison PPP There's a gremlin that grabs my mouse and makes me buy shares in AIM companies. My latest brilliant investment is in a company where the directors 'bought' shares but it turned out they had actually sold 10 times as many in a 'structured' deal. The shorters are having a field day!