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KALAN 16 Feb 2018

Re: Funding agreed Trying to get FRR at .45p to .47p but this may not be possible - can see it at .6p (20 to 30% profit) just on anticipation - can't see it getting above .7p unless the results are very good - but if they are good then it could go crazy and hit 1.4p quite easily - as you say sell half on the run up and gamble with the other half may be a good tactic - not putting a lot in there to start with though.

Nice to Michu 16 Feb 2018

Re: Funding agreed Snap Kalan.I actually could have played this better if I'd focused on it more.. but it unfortunately it never really wass a prioroty stock for me .. so far, at least ...maybe it becomes one in the future though.. and it has been very good to me so far, in fairness.. it was either you or Geng I picked it up from... so thanks to you both.(re Frr : most times ahead of drill results in O&G 'explorer' companies such as it there is a spike in anticipation anyway.. given Frr history the big question then would be sell into the spike or hold for the actual results.. depends how big the spike, perhaps .. sell a portion and keep a portion is often a good idea in such stocks.. playing the percentages and all that)

KALAN 16 Feb 2018

Re: Funding agreed Ditto Michu - holding now - might get a spike after weekend digestion - but aim to build the position more in the latter part of the year - did top slice a few with a view of maybe putting a little of the profit so far in ...wait for it... FRR? Short term drill should make a nice trade there.

Nice to Michu 16 Feb 2018

Re: Funding agreed rally on news seems to have been weaker and petered out more quickly than I expected.... cliche comes to mind but i'll spare you all that .. If a big rally i'd have sold some towards buying it back in due course at maybe a lower level... oh well... my position here is not big and so I'll likely just keep holding and kinda forget about it for a year or more.. would add some more on any meaningful weakness in that time though, and that is of course a possibility, not least if implementation is not as smooth as planned..

KALAN 16 Feb 2018

Re: Funding agreed 5% warrants is liveable with - no more placements trumps that IMO - looking forward to the days of throwing off cash and paying off the debt.

miltonboy 16 Feb 2018

Funding agreed Finally the details.First thoughts, production early 2019 is the key.Decisions on whether to focus on paying down the loan or expanding to 4k from 2k need some time for calculations.Still feeling very positive here, little noise in the BB and 12 months out is worth waiting for.Current cash should avoid any further need for equity dilution.Warrant position would be nice to have more details on?

miltonboy 13 Feb 2018

Re: Placing RNS .. Turner Pope you have to admire anyone who is taking the profit, which I struggle with, even though 54% up.....greed and expectations.well played Ripley, respect.

Ripley94 13 Feb 2018

Re: Placing RNS .. Turner Pope Of course GenG.I set another slice today before going out @ 56p limited higher again @ 57p.That's a good sign as this broker does not get best prices.I am still in this only selling extra i bought on dip .

GENG 13 Feb 2018

Re: Placing RNS .. Turner Pope Ripley94 - Bet you wished you'd waited till today!

GENG 13 Feb 2018

Pivotal point about to arrive? The long term horizontal resistance is around 0.62 and the peaks of the rising trend point to 0.60 today and will be 0.62 in the next few days.If the SP gets above 0.62 then there could be quite a big breakout about to happen

Ripley94 12 Feb 2018

Re: Placing RNS .. Turner Pope Sold it back limit 0.5 .. lifted 0.51 ( + 2% )

Larry_the_Lock 12 Feb 2018

Proactive Investors [link]

KALAN 01 Feb 2018

Re: Finance at last ! News to come - the final signing - drawdown of 13 million which confirms the commitment to lend - then presumably agreements with the customers (assuming this is part of the 'conditions') - then drawdown of 22 million in quarter 2 - then updates on delivery - updates on installation - updates on commissioning - updates on production - calculation of massive profits.Going to be a busy year and a bit.

Larry_the_Lock 01 Feb 2018

Finance at last ! [link]

Ripley94 31 Jan 2018

Re: Placing RNS .. Turner Pope Topped again @ 0.42p