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Ripley94 20 Jan 2020

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXX Had forgot David was in this one as well… 5.5p offer was made for SXX today. Savannah Resources (AIM: SAV, FWB: SAV and SWB: SAV) has been granted the third and final of three contiguous mining licences for the Mutamba Heavy Mineral Sands Project in Mozambique, which is held in joint venture with mining major Rio Tinto.

Ripley94 16 Sep 2019

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXX Lucky i did not top up this last week @ 3p. Spoke to David about it last Thursday . RNS… Placing Monday 16th September @ 2p

Ripley94 29 Aug 2019

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXX 2.91p now

Ripley94 30 Jul 2019

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXX Fell to 4.35p 10th July recent low , then recovered to 4.8p following week , now back down to 4.42p

Ripley94 07 Feb 2019

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXX Been trying to top up ( D ) for a week @ 4.9p … bit of a drop today lowered limit it lifted @ 4.8p If last call thought 4p early Dec 2018 when it was 5.6p that was a good call .( approx -15% )

Ripley94 04 Dec 2018

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXX I got the deal cancelled on October 11th today @ same price 5.7p. I note on a drop 6th November, it did not lift when i placed a 5.6p limit. Been trying since . The cancelled deal annoyed me.

Guitarsolo 11 Oct 2018's crazy time Well, I am very surprised to see the sp below 6p again. Especially after the last placing at 9p (bet they’re chuffed!) - the largest yet. Still, this is exceptional value for the risk/reward in my opinion. Sure, this is AIM. Sure, none of the three projects are mining yet and SAV. doesn’t have all the licenses it needs. But if any of them get going it will be worth a multiple of the current price by themselves. I’ve got a load of these already and would probably prefer to build income generating shares…but it is mighty tempting to top up again. The absence of good news is not the same as the presence of bad! It will only take one RNS about the Oman mining license, or another Portugal resource upgrade, or hints that the feaso study is going to be promising in Q1 2019, or something out of Mozambique and this share will fly (imho). The problem is, SAV doesn’t want a share price languishing below the last placement for long otherwise it will make the next fundraising more difficult to charge top dollar for… Let’s hope Dave has got some good news to tell us soon. Guitarsolo

Ripley94 11 Oct 2018

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXX Wanted to buy something on today’s big fall in world markets topped this one up @ 5.70. I had forgot it was a Gary Newman tip , it was partly reading his tip on WLFE in January this year when he talked up the fact a finance company had paid 9.19p in a recent placing that made me top up that one. lost the lot there yesterday The warnings were there didn’t pay it enough attention. Hope averaging down here not same outcome.

Ripley94 05 Oct 2018

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXXX Been trying to top up on 6.8p limit for few days . Moved that to ISA yesterday with funds available from S32 slice. Dropped that limit to 6.7p this morning still not lifting by 11.30 am saw lower trades in history so logged on and got live price 6.695p

Guitarsolo 19 Sep 2018

Gary Newman. Good work Ripley! Not sure there is anything around to justify today’s falls to under 8p…perhaps just fears about world trade. Given that there was a 44% resource upgrade in Portugal (and likely to be another) I am surprised we are as low as we are but never mind. This is just the time for jockeying into position, proving up the resources and the plans for going into production. Probably 2020 before this really starts to motor. The lack of news (and mining license) from Oman is frustrating but I am guess Dave Archer isn’t saying anything to the market because there are things happening behind the scenes. We shall see I guess. Guitarsolo

Ripley94 19 Sep 2018

Gary Newman. SAV… XXXX One i have wanted to own even more since talking to David. I increased my target price due to that and i am in today on the fall to 7.89p ( live S ) 11.29 am could not see it in history after ,and nothing better showing. Available funds from yesterdays FPM slice. interesting to see how that looks in the future.

Ripley94 07 Sep 2018

Gary Newman. Thank you Guitarsolo. Just looked in here again as the father rang me just now about another share we own in common sxx. He just buys and holds and is very confident in the ones he holds. He got in around 5p he told me so very similar to yourself . I wish you the best of luck.

Guitarsolo 20 Aug 2018

Gary Newman. Hi Ripley, I had it on a watchlist at 2p but didn’t buy then sadly! The bulk of my holding was bought between 4.8p and 6p. There have been various placings over the years; at 5p, 6p and recently at 9p are the ones that spring to mind. The most recent raised £12.5m at 9p. Quite a lot of shares to the market cap but gives them much of the cash they need to complete the Mina de Barrosa feasability study which is very important. Notably, as far as I am aware, each placing has been at a HIGHER price than the previous one which is a positive sign. There is a large investor (Al Marjan) from Oman - run by a former government minister - who is hopefully influential in getting the Omani license for the copper mine. Dilution is always the fear, and it is with SAV as well. However, listen to some of the videos from CEO Dave Archer on their website ([link] ). He seems to be a very capable and sensible man with a lot of skin in the game himself (30m shares or something). The plan (or the gold medal if you like) is that Oman gets its mining license in 2018, is mining in 2019 and providing the cash by 2020 that Portugal will need to develop Mina de Borrosa. If so, that will considerably reduce the $109m (est) needed to bring Mina de Borrosa into production and reduce further dilution. Right now, you can buy at or just below the price of the last placement. That was made by people who know SAV well and have already invested quite a lot. For me, that would be a big positive. Guitarsolo

Ripley94 20 Aug 2018

Gary Newman. Thankyou Guitarsolo This was on my watch list , i am more interested after the father of a friend told me he has been invested for years from memory a lower entry then yours . He appears to select with wisdom . Has they been any placings in last few years ?

Guitarsolo 20 Aug 2018

Gary Newman. Dear Ripley, I agree re Mssrs Newman! Personally, I think SAV. is one of the best high-risk investments around at the moment. It IS the AIM and it IS a prospective mining company (not in production anywhere at the moment) so you must take that into account and accept there is considerable risk here. Downsides would include failure to procure a mining license (Oman), resources not proving to be as great as hoped or mining costs higher than expected, and dilution dilution dilution! Upsides are that there are three highly prospective projects on the go and any one of them could be worth a multiple of the current market cap. There is so much potential for positive developments; mining license in Oman, resource upgrades in Portgual and the results of the feaso study, estimates of resource in Mozambique and movement towards mining license… I’ve put about 4% of the portfolio in here for an average price of just over 6p (would have been better but I made a few rash (smaller) purchases at 13p getting swept up thinking it was about to explode!). You can still build a great position at under 9p in my opinion and wait. 2020 is about the earliest this will really motor but positive news will see this tick up each time and then fall back. The time to buy is during the quiet times or when so-called negative news (e.g. last week’s RNS about old, unrelated license applications) is misinterpreted by some investors. Guitarsolo