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STG More4us 18 Nov 2014

STG RNS Something down there, NEXT PERIOD In the next financial year the Directors expect to see a number of developments: · In conjunction with HHDL, a well flow test is planned for the HH-1 Upper Portland discovery; further evaluation of the HH-1 well results will continue..

BBY LifeInPlastic 18 Nov 2014

Re: I don't care... Why do they expect net debt only to fall by about £70m after the sale of Parsons?

IPE budu 18 Nov 2014

Re: NAVs Noted with thanks.

BVM may_sell 18 Nov 2014

'Cheep' at the price Wow, the dizzy heights of 0.05p again after another small trade - still short of the low when the price crashed around 25 years ago! A good one to line the bottom drawer; maybe the antique value of the share certificates will exceed the market value at some point...

MXO JD 18 Nov 2014

nice top ups tho...lacking funds to do so currently!

MXO JD 18 Nov 2014

lol Stuartb we are all hoping

RTG BOWOOD 18 Nov 2014

Offer An offer of £7.3m on its way; anyone heard that?

HLMA Yertiz 18 Nov 2014

Re: 35th year in a row increased divi 5% or ... A real diamond. Apart from Ashtead, my best performing share over the last 2 - 3 years.

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

I just gave UEN a BUY rating: ADRA dismissed by 2nd Court of Appeal in Moscowr r The Board of Urals Energy (AIM: UEN), the independent exploration and production company with operations in Russia, announces that it has received notification from the Moscow Court of Cassation (the 2nd level appeal court in Moscow) that the Company has won its case concerning Urals Energy's appeal against the ruling of the 1st level appeal court in Moscow to grant Russian court jurisdiction in respect of the claim by UEN Cyprus Limited to recover the sum of US$41,652,000 from Urals Energy (the "ADRA"). Further details of the ADRA have been announced previously, including on 23 July 2014.r r Urals Energy is also pleased to announce that it is in advanced discussions in relation to the withdrawal of all litigation between the Company and Mr. Viatcheslav Rovneiko and further announcements will be made at the appropriate time.. Will I be right? [link]

STG More4us 18 Nov 2014

STG ISDX 18/11/2014 08:22 GBX/ISDX-exn New 513,709 0.31 18/11/2014 084 GBX/ISDX-exn New 964,677 0.31

BBY Field Marshall Lodl 18 Nov 2014

I don't care... if the order book loses 30% of orders, so long as what they do tender for and win is profitably priced.

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

gm prost

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

SMDR one4all 18 Nov 2014

sona paying £170mill markt cap £233mill so all the rest of SMDRs assets are only worth £60mill reflected in share price ?? don't think so . how much is the other 60% of Bula' worth then if 40% is worth £170mill.DO the math.... then take off the debt. still clearance of £200millBUY

HLMA survived2crashes 18 Nov 2014

35th year in a row increased divi 5% or more!!! The market likes them I like them !!!