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STG maxarchie 18 Nov 2014

WE HAVE GOLD video out today [link] very expensive gold as well.Can feel a multibagger coming up form these lows!!!!!

MTA lehira 18 Nov 2014

Re: newsletter to shareholders What is in it for us? I have just put my shares up for sale through JP Jenkins.

MWA Vincentinvestor1 18 Nov 2014

gold, nickle and oranges o/t #achl asian citrus holding at 9p imo

KCOM FRTEB 18 Nov 2014

Re: 80 to go in Kcom I can't read that article without registering. Any chance of an overview of what's going on?

UEN MartinRTucker 18 Nov 2014

Peak at 7? So it peaked at just over 7p a share.... Can we expect anymore from this ? Not personally expecting to see 12p but could it reach 8-10p by close of play?

ACHL Vincentinvestor1 18 Nov 2014

4 billion oranges for free Plantations take time to mature. In year 4 an orange tree yields only 8 kgs of oranges which increases to an average of 130 kgs at maturity in year 10 and for the next 15 years. The yieldthen declines slightly fo r the remainder o f its 3 5 - year lifespan.basically they have 4 million orange trees , one year could produce at max leverage4.000.000 x 100 oranges = 400.000.000 oranges and this for at least ten years, lets say4bn oranges for free as current market doesent pay for additional cash of 100 million US$ and for the plantations just have a look what you pay at tesco for 4ORANGES[link] crazy valuation isnt it and this is just for one part of their business modelimo

SMDR HamptonCaught 18 Nov 2014

Well what an anti-climax that was. Congratulations to anyone that had the foresight to sell last Friday.

STG BarmyOwl 18 Nov 2014

What no gold???? Video put on youtube today to quieten down the doubters who have been vocal on LSE, perhaps??Thanks to Moreforus for excellent detective work[link] & upwards

WRL ICB888 18 Nov 2014

Q3 Financial statement Positive financial statement released today which finishes with a statement by the MD that with the drilling of Tembo 1 and Kifanu 1 and the delivery of first gas the next 3-6 months looks to be a transformational period in the company's short history.

SHG TopTrader2009 18 Nov 2014

Re: FT write up High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. [link] Gold buoyed by Tanzania reserves updateShanta Gold was buoyed by healthy production figures and an increase in reserves at its Tanzania mine, writes James Wilson.The Aim-listed miner published an updated statement of the gold resource at New Luika, which Mike Houston, chief executive, said demonstrated that Shanta could continue mining for at least seven more years beyond 2014. The resource and reserve increase underpins plans to move mining operations underground at New Luika, with details expected to be announced in November.Third-quarter output of almost 23,000 ounces was a record and while production this quarter is expected to be lower, Shanta is on track to meet annual guidance, broker Peel Hunt said. Mining costs also fell.Share purchases by Mr Houston as well as by Tony Durrant, chairman, and Luke Leslie, a director, helped to support interest in Shanta. Its Aim-listed shares ended the week 26 per cent higher at 11.25p, still down from levels of about 14p in the middle of the year. Peel Hunt has a 20p price target.

PTV pelleas 18 Nov 2014

Re: set top boxes that's old news now!! It's the confirmation of order that we are waiting on...

GDP G E M L 18 Nov 2014

Re: Anyone know? Gold above $1200 this must help GDP bottom line. We may see a major re-rating of Gold prices according to James Turk:[link]

BBY II Editor 18 Nov 2014

NEW ARTICLE: Balfour Beatty plc Gains On Solid Update, But Is The Dividend Safe? "Shares in Balfour Beatty (LSE:BBY), the international infrastructure group, were up as much as 5% in early trading as the group reported flat order books and a reduction in debt.The company reported an average net debt of £477m for the ..."[link]

BBY reaist 18 Nov 2014

Re: I don't care... Avreage net debt

MXO Stuartyboy999 18 Nov 2014

Or should I say our year!!