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20:56 06/10/2015

Even though I am very new to this I have to say that there is usually a battle of wisdom between some parties debating this share. I am curious though...how is it that MisterX1 has been reduced to one liners.

19:30 06/10/2015

Brent trading now at $51.88

19:17 06/10/2015

New to this myself. Do folk think this share is on the up and up or just having a good rally before dropping again.

12:54 24/09/2015

A nice buying oppourtunity

11:18 29/04/2015

Is Tullow Oil vulnerable to a take over bid? Profit margins reduced drastically, glut in global oil supply, cost cutting. Is the SP rising because its well under valued or its due for a take over bid?

15:40 13/03/2015

I just registered to salute MisterX1. Almost every broker is saying buy,buy Tullow but Mr. X is being proven right. I decided to take a hit and just closed out. MisterX1 your 250 is definitely on the card.

08:53 11/03/2015

where's the horrible news that was predicted on here y'day?? "Testing of the Amosing-1 and Amosing-2A wells have revealed "excellent results", the company said, flowing at maximum rates of 5,600 and 6,000 barrels of oil per day respectively."... TLW has to be a serious takeover target if SP continues like this.

12:26 11/11/2014

Has the Jamaican exploration gone official yet?

12:36 15/09/2014

You have to question why this is still in FTSE 100

07:17 25/04/2014

Another dog RNS from this inept BOD.