Tullow Oil Ratings

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BUY by PasajerodelToro on 20 May 2020 08:06

Price at rating: , now: …

Potential yield of 15% for dividend. Debt is being clear via asset sale, so less ongoing expenses. Oil prices are rising with brent rising from $20 to $35 now. $40 expected in 1yr time according to futures contracts, but it could easily rise to above $50 quite quickly as lockdowns end & demand rises for international shipping. The operating costs are only $10/bbl which is $30 cheaper than WTI costs. Book price is 50p, share price is 25p. Undervalued & oversold.

08:06:26 20 May 2020

BUY by elliottsilverman on 09 May 2018 21:48

Price at rating: , now: …

TLW is out of the woods debt-wise now and with oil not going down any time soon the outlook continues to improve for TLW, Fair value on a discounted cashflow basis is well above £3.

21:48:38 9 May 2018