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07:42 22/09/2016

Oil prices are going up world wide consumption is 95 mbpd unless the world goes into a recession.A world wide recession is the only thing I think oil prices will stay low .

22:54 27/07/2016

TLW looks well positioned now with TEN prod.n coming on stream as long as the debt profile is managed down. For the shorters to win here TLW needed to have significant technical /operational setbacks and/or its bankers to pull the plug over the last 12 - 18 mth difficult period but neither has happened and it's largely out of the woods now with the imminent revenues from TEN. Rate it a but not without a few risks still but disproportionately large reward potential imo.

10:36 25/03/2016

Heard a little snippet of news relating to China's growth and their oil consumption statistics which was on the BBC business news. China's imports of oil were initially thought to be down by the many which contributed to some fluctuations in the oil price a short while ago which could pose some relevance in today's markets. However the amounts of oil imported were in a dollar value when analysed instead of amount of barrels imported. As it turns out China's import of oil has increased over this time which wasn't evident until data was switched from dollar amounts to Bopd. Hope this news is relevant and helps

12:57 17/11/2015

Tullow Disappointed at Emesek-1 Well. Know more at [link]

13:47 09/11/2015

RNS in JLP !!

10:46 15/10/2015

Not much volume compared to recently...What does this mean? Is there an announcement in the pipeline?

20:39 11/10/2015

Just a question...is the 10 project the first of tullows fields to be developed by tullow to produce oil next year?

09:23 07/10/2015

Topped £2.50 now guy's

08:48 07/10/2015

I personally think the escalations in Syria are having an effect and making OPEC nervous. Just think this due to OPEC considering talks with the USA since Russia started their campaign.

08:41 07/10/2015

Surpassed £2.40 now and still rising!!! just about got back my larger punt then it's in the blue...Happy days.