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11 Apr 2013
13:09 26/03/2019

If WMH keeps making progress in the US and online, at this price it is surely going to be a target for a takeover or consolidation event in which case it's fair value at least should immediately be unlocked i.e. closer to £2 a share. Therefore I see a potential 30%+ upside and am buying at this level as a "special situation". In the meantime, you get paid 7% yield to wait.

09:37 10/10/2018

@Bowman - true, but it does say " no reason to change our targets at this point" and "The interim dividend is proposed to increase in accordance with the anticipated full year profit growth" ... the market reaction seems a bit overdone - no?

21:42 25/06/2018

Get In ...(marsat) $$$

15:11 22/06/2018

Echostar must be serious with the disclosure of 3% already purchased on the open market and another $67 m spent on convertible bonds... hard to see them just walking away now...

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BUY TLW by elliottsilverman on 09 May 2018 21:48

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TLW is out of the woods debt-wise now and with oil not going down any time soon the outlook continues to improve for TLW, Fair value on a discounted cashflow basis is well above £3.

21:48:38 9 May 2018

PANIC RYA by elliottsilverman on 15 Dec 2017 12:40

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Acceptance of dealing with unions in staff negotiations will harm Ryanair's ability to maintain its incredibly low cost-base which will shrink the bottom line and thus profitability. It will have to become more like a regular mainstream airline so its almost unique historical position will be no more...

12:40:45 15 Dec 2017

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