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20 Mar 2014
08:55 16/07/2015

I think we will see a steady rise today after all the morning selling. Its still being negotiated and the CEO of Hiria is unlikely to leave Joberg without a decision either way.

08:41 16/07/2015

I wouldn't be surprised if negotiation get finalised at the end of the week and then on Monday 20th we will have either a substantial investment or buyer.

08:28 16/07/2015

Both compaies are finalising the deals. Both Hiria Group and Huili Resources are still interested but CRND were obliged to send a RNS with an update of the deal.

08:26 16/07/2015

We have seen the classic panic sellers and then the people who aren't worried by a delay have bought at a very low price again and will eventually make a good profit. Patience is key

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