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09:09 13/08/2015

Zac Mir talking MONI on @ 10an, it'll be interesting to hear what he's got to say

02:41 13/08/2015

JMO sp will be at least 10p by end of next friday

00:12 13/08/2015

with the majority of shorters gone and visa still selling there is plenty of upside and sp going up slowly from here until the update on 9th september, look at TUNG their sp was going up until their last update and their sp is still going up and TUNG are still not making a profit until 2018, gla and always dyor

23:37 12/08/2015

moni is slowly taking all over the world and all the banks with its mobile payments and visa don't like it and thats why they are leaving us and they taking moni's information with them to create their own mobile payment

16:50 12/08/2015 short interest is now 1.31%, comparable to 1.72% back in may 2014 the sp was in the 50's before the shorts brought it down, i'm not saying the sp should now be in the 50's but it should be alot higher than we currently at so we should expect a huge bounce or a re-rate soon or later

16:34 12/08/2015

the upside is huge and downside is limited, if moni do start to make a profit in 2017 or 2018 sp will be at least 45p and the sp did go up to 80p with a market cap over £1 billion when moni was not even making a profit

16:16 12/08/2015

the upside is huge and downside is limited, last chance to fill your boots at 7p today or maybe 2morrow if you're lucky, lucky for people who bought around 6p today and 5p yesterday

16:09 12/08/2015

26 million buys and 15 million sells so far today, own up now who been buying? omega? ibm? mastercard? or santander? its really keeping me in suspense

16:01 12/08/2015

i like of gains between 5 and 10% everyday which is healthy and good, but 30+% gains is bad then everyone will sell and not least the shorters will be back at their game

15:56 12/08/2015

microsoft or alibaba could bid for moni then they can have a share of the contactless mobile money market in europe, middleeast and africa