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23:06 09/07/2014

One thing I can't get a handle on is the no.of subscribers needed. A jump from 30 to 200 million is a tall order. I understand there will be a large base to recruit from, hence "10% of a big # etc etc" why totally disregard the upfront revenues? Isn't that what brought them here? Establishing the rails that everyone is riding on? Anyone with insights into the jump from 30 to 200 million users would love to hear from you. Kass or BTI G really didn't address the "how"

11:18 19/06/2014

The stock price is falling due to lack of investor demand. Demand is dwindling because there is no news on progress executing the new strategy (software development, deployments & adoption). They need to publish, persistently, metrics on progress to sustain belief in the "promise of 2018'. Let's hope they begin with a strategy update at the end of this month (the end of the fiscal year).

14:18 17/06/2014

Very hopeful about Monitise being able to take advantage of the opportunity. However, if leadership wants investors to buy into the promise of 2016 (or 2018), they need to set & manage expectations regarding progress. They need to publish plans & progress on software development, deployments & adoption; minimally quarterly. Let's hope they begin with a year-end update on or about June 30th.

16:04 20/04/2014

8trader 15:59 I just gave SER a BUY rating: Conclusion and Valuationr We recently introduced 2014 forecasts and feel these are still valid as the additional revenue generation from the improvement works in California is delivered to the top line. As economies of scale return following the large investment that has taken place, we expect to see an improvement in margins. Further, our forecasts do not include any revenues that would be generated by the activation of the gas pipeline in Kansas, and we look forward to including this in due course.r r We have updated our Net Present Value (NPV) model of the company’s California oil assets to start from the beginning of 2012, using all assumptions highlighted when we introduced our valuation on 14th March 2014. This includes applying a 10% discount rate over expected cash flows for a 15 year period, with oil production of 170 BOPD in 2012 that rises to 250 BOPD from 2013 onwards. The oil price remains constant at $100 per barrel. We expect lifting costs of $15 per barrel, with a production tax of 6% and royalty of 10% of the price per barrel on top of this. G&A costs increase at 3% annually from circa $1.85 million in 2012, and capital expenditure increases at 3% from £1 million. Finally, we expect interest costs of c.$240,000 in 2012 that decrease by 5% per annum.r r This gives an NPV of £12.3 million using an exchange rate of £1 = $1.55. Additionally, Sefton’s Kansas oil and gas assets have been independently valued by Dr. Nafi Onat at $140.0 million. We have discounted this by 80% to give a value of $28 million, or £18 million using the same exchange rate of £1 = $1.55. After subtracting net debt (as at 31st December 2013 using exchange rate of £1 = $1.55) of c.£2.3 million, this results in a combined valuation of £28.0 million, or a value per share of 7.0p.r r The company has had a number of news flows recently highlighting the developments that have taken place both in California and Kansas. The management has shown continued dedication to the refurbishment of the Tapia oil field, and has commissioned independent studies of the region that will be used to further increase production. The redevelopment of the company’s pipeline in Kansas made significant gains in 2014, and it should start to generate cash flows this year. In addition, it is comforting to note that both the Kansas and Californian assets have received independent valuations that provide significant potential upside to our valuation. With the shares trading at 0.2p our stance is Speculative Buy with an increased target price of 7p.......

10:18 11/04/2014

Def a watcher for now as well - too much volatility for my liking will re-visit

21:34 20/02/2014

Recent announcement (fairly) MONI narrowed losses in the first half after a 67 per cent jump in the top line as demand continued to increase for its Mobile Money services. The company, which works with over 350 financial institutions to enable internet banking via tablets and mobile phones, reiterated its full-year guidance of 50% revenue growth and said it is still seeing positive momentum in the third quarter. Revenue totalled £46.5m in the six months to December 31st, up from £27.8m the year before. Monitise said that payments and transfers it processed during the period were worth $71bn on an annualised basis, compared with $31bn the year before.

20:26 16/02/2014

ha ha yeah im looking for investments for the long term im new to this and just took out my gold so learnt a lesson I would like steady growth over a 3 year cycle

19:55 16/02/2014

Im looking at this and tldh, what are ideas of target price?

13:02 06/02/2014

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