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15:17 09/09/2015

Buy all the shares available they are going cheap

14:53 09/09/2015

in for £5k

14:48 09/09/2015

Cash position expected to be in excess of £45m throughout FY 2016.

10:10 09/09/2015

RNS in WRES !!

23:55 03/09/2015

7p on monday 7th then 8p on tues 8th and then on wednesday 9th we see 9p hopefully

13:07 02/09/2015

sp should be at least 8p next week and lots of gaps needs filling and closing

02:34 28/08/2015

shopkeepers will be forced to provide a contactless payment method by 2020 and its compulsory [link]

15:13 23/08/2015

blackrock have bought about 6.2 million shares upto 19th aug 2015 to add to the short list eek, i am long too much upside [link]

14:37 16/08/2015

upside is huge, we had banking, we had online banking and now mobile banking is the fture which is mix of the two, there will be alot of institution want to invest with us if not then we are takeover targets because theres not many companies dealing with payments on the uk market theres opay and paypoint and monitise seems to be the one with the most connections with banks all around the world

11:34 13/08/2015

Not quite sure why everyone's getting themselves worked-up here? Visa has, roughly, between 60 & 80m shares left to go, at the current run-rate thats a couple of days volume, then it'll depend what Omega wants to do with the rest of their 200m? if V. wants to 'puke-out' their holding here, thats fine. I would have thought the market looked at the announcement after-hours last night, and decided to take some profits, that's fine, it's called market-mechanism! BTW, for MM's read machines, it ain't the guy's in the trenches doing this, it's an order-driven stock!