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15:55 11/09/2015

such low volume in here at the moment

15:34 11/09/2015

WRES news next week?? still below 20m mcap and CEO target is 3p (10 bagger from now) - see webcast and RNS

12:46 11/09/2015

underpinned at 2p due to cash expected throughout 2016 of £45m. £88m underpins 3.97p these are with nothing factored in for the actual business

12:35 11/09/2015

another 40k purchased today taking holding to 500k woop woop this is a long term hold until it it taken out by a big co wanting access to this market

12:09 10/09/2015

What is everyones targets for the next month?

12:07 10/09/2015

Should I buy?

10:16 10/09/2015

I guess should point out not to to be too negative, MONI do have useful patents, and good clients and also a nice revenue stream, so there is hope in the storm.. if you are prepared for the long term.

10:12 10/09/2015

Really, I wouldn't waste my time with this anymore. No profitability = no new investment without dilution and no growth means no ROI or devaluing at best. I suspect the price will go a bit higher in the future if they sort themselves out. But dont expect 10p anytime soon!

09:43 10/09/2015

WRES - huge stake building. see webcast in website, news due in sept worth 3p. sp now only 0.5p

15:25 09/09/2015

The group’s earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda) - which strip out one-off costs and impairments - came in at the lower end of the company’s expected loss of between £40m and £50m.