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19:24 23/08/2015

LP TL Walter Mittys

16:35 17/08/2015

In the 4 's are you crazy. .. 10' s

09:20 14/08/2015

Perhaps the company are waiting till Traf can bid sub 9p, which is NEXT Friday

09:07 12/08/2015


15:43 11/08/2015

Must feel like a mega dickwash now

20:36 06/07/2015

Malkis lost his bottle

15:08 17/06/2015

Never got a RNS when I got my 50k? ??

18:32 11/06/2015

Well said Mr BB, I'm close to your holding, I do find it a bit mysterious that the SP is being held this low knowing the true value of PRT, but put it down to the same shares being regurgitated on a daily basis, as I feel no genuine emed holders are selling, when the new shares appear the scrap will commence, RTZ Are waiting in the wings. GLA

15:02 05/06/2015

We have a fully funded mine with known reserves, no DEBT just extra shares, production next month, all profit. Icant see a problem. Happy days

18:21 01/06/2015

Just hoovering as many as I can sub 4.75 happy days😈