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Ace08 21 Oct 2015

Re: ATYM [link]

roco200 21 Oct 2015

ATYM Have we lost all the EMED posts?Who is going to instigate a new Bulletin Board under epic ATYM?What do people think of the new Atalaya Mining Company web site?

dyfiman 21 Oct 2015

iii bit wonky today re. atym ? Anyone else having some fun tofday due to EMED name changeover toAtalaya ?????END

Small Holding 21 Oct 2015

RNS RNS Number : 8817CAtalaya Mining PLC21 October 2015 21 October 2015 Atalaya Mining plc ("Atalaya or the "Company" Change of Name and Consolidation of Ordinary Shares Atalaya, the Europe-based minerals development and exploration company, announces that following the Company's EGM on 13 October 2015 the change of name from EMED Mining Public Limited to Atalaya Mining plc is now effective. As such, the Company will begin trading under its new name of Atalaya Mining plc (ticker: AIM: ATYM, TSX: AYM) with effect from 08.00am (BST) and 09.30am (EST) on 21 October 2015. The Company's ISIN will be changing to CY0106002112 and its website can now be found at www.atalayamining.com.Consolidation of Ordinary SharesFurthermore the Consolidation is now complete. As such, all Shareholders on the register as at 17.00 (BST) on 20 October 2015 (the Consolidation Record Date) receive one New Ordinary Share of nominal value 7.5p for every 30 Existing Ordinary Shares of nominal value 0.25p. CREST Shareholders' accounts are being credited with the New Ordinary Shares to which they are entitled under the Consolidation today, 21 October 2015 being the effective date of the Consolidation.New share certificates will be issued to Non-CREST Shareholders in substitution for their existing share certificates within 14 days. All existing share certificates will be invalid and will be cancelled and new share certificates are expected to be despatched to those Shareholders who hold their Existing Ordinary Shares in certificated form, on or before 4 November 2015.With respect to Shareholders who hold their Existing Ordinary Shares through Computershare Canada, all such Existing Ordinary Shares are held in electronic positions with CDS or otherwise, and as such no letter of transmittal will be mailed to shareholders in connection with effecting the Consolidation. No action is required to be taken by a registered or non-registered Shareholder in order for such Shareholders to receive the New Ordinary Shares to which they are entitled upon completion of the Consolidation. Settlement of the New Ordinary Shares in CDS is expected to occur on or about 23 October 2015.In the process of finalising the Consolidation, the Company became aware of certain historic issues of ordinary shares (between 2007 and 2010) for which application forms had not been appropriately filed with AIM at that time. Accordingly, the Company recently filed an application for admission to trading of 9,560,605 ordinary shares of 0.25p each (representing approximately 0.27% of the current issued share capital) to ensure that the pre-consolidation issued share capital of 3,500,386,650 ordinary shares is consistent with the application forms filed with AIM. Approximately 1.1 million of these shares related to the exercise of share options and approximately 8.4 million ordinary shares related to the issue of shares to YA Global Investments Limited, Resource Capital Fund IV LP and RMB Australia Holdings Limited under the then existing financing agreements.Following the Consolidation the number of New Ordinary Shares of nominal value 7.5p each in issue and admitted to trading will total 116,679,555. Capitalised terms in this announcement, unless otherwise defined, have the same meaning given to them as in the announcement issued by the Company on 11 September 2015.

Small Holding 21 Oct 2015

Share price Shown as £1.257 on the top of the EMED homepage!

etadelete 20 Oct 2015

Re: is this the bottom thanks Ace.will do

Ace08 20 Oct 2015

Re: is this the bottom I would wait until after Consolidation and see how the price pans out etadelete if your a new investor , wait till news of production then you can't lose as profit is nailed on Us suckers that have been in for years don't have that luxury Sure either way this will be a winner , but the first option would be mine in new .

Ace08 20 Oct 2015

Re: is this the bottom No if things don't work out 0p is the bottom

etadelete 20 Oct 2015

is this the bottom looking to invest.hoping some news that shows positive signs.gla

davegrace 20 Oct 2015

Will after hours trading take us to 4p or 5p.............. the former I fear

davegrace 19 Oct 2015

Never expected red today, looking at TSE, looks like 4p will be the price.

investorprotestor 19 Oct 2015

Re: Surge in Chinese copper trading "$3.0391" very specific - means he is a chartist, shame. $3 will be fine thanks

Small Holding 19 Oct 2015

Surge in Chinese copper trading [link] Copper-Trading Surge Shakes Up MarketRestrictions on stock trading in China have caused investors to shift their bearish bets to the copper marketOct. 18, 2015 2:55 p.m. ETChinese investors hamstrung by stock-trading restrictions are piling into copper trading, a shift that analysts and traders say has distorted the global market for the metal.Since the start of July, when authorities began limiting stock trading in China, trading in stock-index futures has fallen 97% to around 65,000 contracts a day, while trading in Chinese copper futures has nearly doubled to roughly 710,000 contracts a day. Because investors now face obstacles in betting against stock futures, they have turned to the copper market as they seek avenues to bet on a deepening slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy, traders and other market experts say.Spikes in activity on China’s main commodities exchange have coincided with a period of heightened volatility in copper prices and are driving copper-trading volumes world-wide. Global volumes are on track to hit a record high this year, with traders in China accounting for the largest share.The rising prominence of Chinese investors in the copper market is the latest example of the country’s increased heft in financial markets. In recent years, Chinese investors who used physical metals as collateral for bank loans were credited with driving up demand for copper, zinc and nickel and contributing to higher global prices. Now, some industry officials have said the heavy selling of copper futures in China has skewed prices so much that they no longer accurately reflect the supply and demand for a metal used in everything from iPhones to refrigerators.“We saw copper being sold heavily [by Chinese traders] when trading was first being restricted in Chinese equities; it was an outlet to be able to sell risk,” said David Donora, who oversees $600 million invested in commodities at Columbia Threadneedle Investments. “If you stop the trading in one part of the market and there’s a proxy for offloading that risk elsewhere, you’ll use that proxy.”China’s main stock gauge, the Shanghai Composite Index, tumbled 43% between June and late August as investors fled on fears the domestic economy was losing steam. Authorities devalued the yuan to ease domestic business conditions, while also curbing stock trading and coordinating a stock-buying effort by state-owned enterprises to stabilize the stock market. The combined measures have helped lift the Shanghai Composite 15% from its August low.The surge in Chinese copper trading came as market regulators there made it harder to borrow money for trading stocks in an effort to stem the market’s fall, and increased the minimum deposits necessary for trading. Chinese investors have often had to cut back share dealing during the market’s tumble, either because companies have suspended trading in their shares, or because prices of many individual stocks have fallen by their daily 10% limit.Copper-trading volumes in China have often spiked after fresh regulatory measures were introduced. On Sept. 2, when the China Financial Futures Exchange announced it would require speculators in stock-index futures to deposit 40% of the contract’s value, up from 30%, Chinese stock-futures volumes collapsed from more than a million contracts a day to tens of thousands in the days that followed. Copper-futures volumes surged from less than 300,000 contracts on Sept. 7 to 1.3 million on Sept. 9.Xiao Chaojiang, who manages roughly 30 million yuan ($4.7 million) at Shenzhen-based Jiangcheng Investment Co., said he pulled roughly 10 million yuan out of stock-index futures after the September crackdown. Instead, he placed bearish bets on copper and zinc prices, which he expects to fall as China’s demand for industrial metals wanes.Copper prices hit a six-year

Ace08 18 Oct 2015

Re: Consolidation You should be a maths teacher Rhodium45

Rhodium45 18 Oct 2015

Re: Consolidation It's a fact 60% of all stocks on AIM that Consolidate see a lower price one month after the event Not even going to comment on the fact as it is a fact.========== ===Of course, that would mean that 40% are higher one month after consolidation