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12:55 31/03/2014

What sort of chump is selling now? Must be hitting triggers - cracks me up

13:32 29/03/2014

should see large increase over next few days

16:58 28/03/2014

Not much fizz to that RNS

16:28 28/03/2014

its in the pric mate

09:52 17/03/2014

Strong Rumours SER have Farmed in AND Why Kansas could be the turning point for investors in Sefton Resources!!!..

07:33 07/03/2014

I am afraid i doubt it - there seems to be someone keen on keeping this below that price for the time being. However I do believe our day will come, and that day might be this month.

14:03 26/02/2014

iPedro - 6th is last day, its 10 working days and 28th is a bank holiday.

13:58 19/02/2014

Would love to Nuts, but it only lets me do one every 2 days. Just follow me and do the opposite - it's what Warren Buffet has been doing for years.

11:33 13/02/2014

You might be right Matt, but I have been thinking that I may regret selling for the last couple of years. At least this way I could buy back in if the price drops again, or if it rises at least break even on my investment so far... win win?

10:33 13/02/2014

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