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16:35 20/10/2015

Will after hours trading take us to 4p or 5p.............. the former I fear

14:00 19/10/2015

Never expected red today, looking at TSE, looks like 4p will be the price.

17:49 14/09/2015

good post Orbiter

17:48 14/09/2015


19:37 10/09/2015

Schoolboy errors, WHY.. Do they really think that PIs are thick..

17:11 10/09/2015

Of course the losses widen, its being spent on getting this mine back up and running, I would see it as a positive, but for some reason, along with all the other good news, its negative. very strange this share???

19:47 09/09/2015

I suppose that are 4 new directors are not being paid, or is it just more for the big 4, hence are 10% rise in C3

13:04 09/09/2015

C3 Costs are $1.90 lb

17:38 07/09/2015

See You Then ran at Southwell, then went on to win 3 champion hurdles. How could that happen????? FACTS are what fill bankers pockets, untill they need bailing out, FACTS are gold, silver,copper are in this mine. Hope I have not stolen Alberto s thunder.

17:07 07/09/2015

I feel this is not just a cooper mine...The gold and silver in the tailings proves that, (Rumbo) so I would hope with all the expertise now on board, the refinement will be to extract all precious metals, hold on to your seats???