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08:48 25/03/2015

as a long term holder I now regret not selling during the 10+ spikes. I have now resigned to the fact I will be shafted on this investment. Any financing deal will have EMED bent over the table. The copper is there but most will likely be tied into the repayment/financing package. Any takeover would be way below double figures, and the depressed SP indicates many sizable holders have already jumped ship. I fear for the worse

12:27 05/03/2015

Sounds nuts Onions

13:34 03/02/2015

Just popped back to see how thing's are post permits, seems the great train robbery continues, will they get 30 year's I wonder??

12:40 21/12/2014

The old company Tharsis Sulphur and Copper Company, realize research in the Rio Tinto mine. In soon publishes the website www.minastharsis.eu this work. It's a shame, not accelerate, research work at the mine. That would change the game scenario with TRAFIGURA. Remember that pyrite is a refractory mineral, and hides inside, not only copper, but a high percentage of gold, silver, cobalt, and other minerals of higher value. Soaring so considered, at an elevation of 200 m.

15:19 10/12/2014

Ace is being disciplined by Jay111

12:25 09/12/2014

Where is Jay111? 3p anyone?

09:01 18/11/2014


08:11 18/11/2014

something afoot, 1ml traded 1st 3 mins?

17:28 17/11/2014

We may get bought out before Crimbo, but all the mucking about by the Marc Rich old boys may well backfire on them, they are not the only ball game in town. IMO expect a late swoop to catch them all in the toilet.....

12:47 14/11/2014

No prizes for whos dumping shares