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12:39 07/06/2016

Panmure Gordon note out this morning on Research Tree: "Following today’s announcements we place our recommendation and earnings forecasts under review. Central Rand Gold has entered into a binding Joint Venture Tolling Agreement with a third party supplier of ore for the sourcing and processing of gold- bearing material through the metallurgical plant at Central Rand Gold. The Tolling Venture envisages the processing through the Company’s metallurgical plant of a minimum of 18,000 tonnes per month, commencing from July 2016."

08:59 03/02/2016

25% up

10:36 21/12/2015

stu you was told - He was right about the price but frankly given the carnage that has occurred in the mining sector over the last few months, the fall here simply mirrors those elsewhere. As for any deal, if mr drake was correct about his assertion of no deal/jv months ago, then surely we would have been told.

08:24 17/12/2015

I see lulu rocks up here a couple of days ago and posts crap. At least try and deramp with an ounce of intelligence.

14:51 15/10/2015


13:40 12/10/2015

Looks like Drake and uggthethug are the same personmust be senile you need to feel sorry for them

18:13 01/10/2015

Johan will be keen to make a deal as his first tract of options expire soon

06:56 17/09/2015

thanks topcat

20:49 16/09/2015

laurence ......boxian cannot read your posts as you are posting to DTM and he is posting on LSE

20:30 16/09/2015

there was just no volume today have not done this before best get out box