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23 May 2016
12:04 29/06/2016

Beaufort note out this morning: Redrow expects to deliver a strong performance in FY 2016 on account of favourable housing market conditions. Its sales remain solid, supported by an increase in completions and a rise in the average selling price of a private home. The value of private reservations remained strong, largely due to strong regional growth. Redrow has made good progress on the operational front, given it completed developments at Commercial Street and Amberley Waterfront. Its London developments, including the Croydon joint venture, have either sold in line with or beat management expectations. Redrow’s debt declined owing to higher turnover and better payment terms on land purchases. The initial impact of Brexit on the company has been minimal, with underlying demand for its homes appearing at this time capable of delivering long-term growth. Taken from research Tree

12:03 29/06/2016

Beaufort note out on research tree... "The update underpins Legal & General’s strong position to face the consequences of Brexit. Its solvency II coverage ratio, a key metric in the insurance sector, remains healthy. Legal & General has a diversified portfolio. Moreover, its global credit team is continuously monitoring the portfolio and de- risking the credit portion of eligible owned funds. The company has a solid balance sheet, with cash and cash equivalents within eligible owned funds standing at £3.3bn. It is executing its strategy structured around five long-term drivers: ageing population, globalisation of asset markets, creation of new real assets, welfare reform and digital. Furthermore, Legal & General would benefit from the appointment of Sir John Kingman, who has impressive track record and in-depth knowledge of the financial market. We believe the company is comfortably placed with adequate funds and portfolios to mitigate economic downturn after Brexit."

11:52 29/06/2016

Note out from liberum on research tree

11:50 29/06/2016

"ITM announced this morning another hydrogen refueling station (‘HRS’) sale for €1.5m to Hydrogene de France (‘HDF’). The deal may also have follow-on maintenance contracts. ITM’s PEM electrolysis platform was again selected through a competitive tender process, and this is further evidence of ITM occupying a market leading position at this key early stage of technology embedment in hydrogen fueling infrastructure, one of its primary target markets." Zeus note out this morning on research tree

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