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09 Dec 2014
15:24 21/03/2019

Good afternoon idg69 Great news today and the future now looks very bright for JLP. Well done for topping up today you are a brave man.I am off to Spain on Sunday for 8 days so will try and forget about jlp until i get back.All the best breezy.

14:36 01/03/2019

Hi idg69 The silence does not help the shareprice one little bit and i am sure Leon said we would get an update in December on Kabwe and here we are in March and not a word. No wonder people are selling up. No doubt if i sold out now the shareprice would rocket, wish i never got involved in aim shares as it like going to the casino one big gamble. All the best my friend. breezy

21:57 28/02/2019

Platinum and Palladium prices on the up SLP/ LMI share prices on the up and JLP not moving one little bit.Been here for over 3 years and am 14% down,well peed off.Come on Leon its about time you gave us poor shareholders an update on whats going on with this company as the shareprice is so low for a reason.

18:50 30/01/2019

Back off my holiday and i see we have had a good RNS and yet the sp is down again. Not a good start to 2019 this is really testing my patience.

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