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09 Dec 2014
14:43 03/01/2019

Happy new year idg69 and to all genuine jlp shareholders.Lets hope 2019 is the year when jlp rises from the dead.

21:22 13/12/2018

Hi idg69 the shareprice is holding up very well considering all the big sells in the last two days, we might get a RNS soon telling us who the seller is. I bought some BST shares a just over a year ago and i am now 84% down so i really do need JLP to come good. 8p should recoup all my losses on BHR and BST and i think it will happen next year,if Jlp get to 30p it will be life changing for me and probably many other JLP shareholders. All the breezy.

14:25 10/12/2018

Hi idg69 I agree a great RNS this morning,just a bit surprised the the price as dropped below the placement price of 2.50. I have the same average as you 2.79 and i had a small top up at 2.20 a few weeks ago. Iam hoping to be in the black before christmas and i think next year JLP shareholders will be rewarded for our patience. All the best my friend and lets hope we can get rich next year.

18:56 28/11/2018

Webcast Friday, what a waste of time they are not going to tell us anything what we do not already know. Would be good if someone asked Leon why he is not willing to buy more shares at this silly low price.

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