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09 Dec 2014
20:24 18/11/2019

Hi idg69 Hope you are stil still in AFC as they have gone through the roof in the last two weeks and Fum as recovered well to.Its still not to late to buy in to JLP again as i think next year shareholders will be rewarded.All the best breezy.

15:41 19/08/2019

Jonathon you are right the share price as been desroyed.

20:56 09/08/2019

Hi idg69 Good to hear from you hope you are keeping well. I got one decision right as i sold SXX at 24p and put the money into UJO and i am now 10k up so things are looking up apart from JLP. Decided to hold them for one more year and if they are still around the 3p mark i will sell up and move on. I have just invested in a oil company called Columbus Energy (CERP) i think they are ready for take off but i said that about jlp three years ago so i know nothing. Hope business is picking up for you and good luck with your FUM investment, Hope you make a load of money as you are due a change in luck, All the best breezy.

11:35 05/08/2019

Great RNS but the market does not seem to impressed.

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