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13:11 14/09/2016

I have held shares for a longtime and have waited years for things to start moving up for a change, I just checked out [link] and the general consensus is sell which is worrying but my hope is that we have at last turned the corner on the bad times with a brighter future so that I can retire.

17:24 18/05/2016

Mars-2050 thanks for all the info but the SP does not reflect this, why is this so?

17:38 09/05/2016

Mars-2050 I have been invested since 2013 topping up all the way through but still the SP falls even with such potential demand and already producing/selling am I wrong in pointing out that the SP has fallen dramatically since 2015 at a time when if all is so advanced surely it should be rising?

16:04 23/10/2015

just glad they did not buy 666

10:25 29/07/2015

What is the next expected update and when?

12:31 29/04/2015

What's classed as a large buy order on this stock?

14:36 24/04/2015

Why is this share such a dog?

15:18 23/04/2015

Fingers crossed it'll be days!

17:54 21/04/2015

Closing above 5p for the first time in a while. Must be a good sign

14:40 21/04/2015

Sound investment here, very low risk for an aim share with so much potential