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wanting_to_know 20 Oct 2017

MARS_2050 Your last posting before I put you on my "Ignore List" was on 2016-11-30< since when the sp has remained STATIC. At 22:56 was this another one of your STGR "high quality opportunity"dreams?Chief executive Brett Boynton:- StratMin reviewing “very high quality opportunities” "The company is required to make a new acquisition if it is to retain its listing on London’s AIM, following the divestment of its main asset in September when it became a shell company."Has it done this ?If it has, then why hasn't the sp risen substantial, to where it was when you started waxing so lyrically about STGR .... @ ~4p ?Mars_2050:- Isn't it about time you came from outer space back down to earth ?wanting_to_know

Mars_2050 15 Dec 2016

VSA comments StratMin Global Resources (LON:STGR)StratMin Global Resources (LON:STGR) has agreed to bring forward the payments due from its Share Purchase Agreement with Bass Metals (BSM AU) into an early discounted cash settlement. Under the agreement BSM equity was due to be issued to STGR in two tranches of A$3m and A$5m subject to certain share price performance criteria. However, with STGR currently identifying possible targets for an RTO and the upcoming dilution overhanging BSM the companies have agreed to strengthen both their positions through early settlement of the deal.BSM will pay A$2.46m in cash in three tranches, the first of A$955k is to be paid by 16 December 2016, alongside the immediate placement of the entire remaining 70mn shareholding in Bass at a minimum price of A$0.013, equivalent to A$910k. Additionally, STGR has a royalty of 2.5% on BSM and BSM now has the option to buy out that royalty for A$500k prior to 30 June 2018. In total STGR will receive an immediate £1.1m of a total £2.1m with a potential further £296k from the royalty.STGR had previously agreed a loan facility of US$1.5m using the BSM holding as collateral. However, given the latest announcement this facility, which was undrawn will be terminated. Whilst the company has taken a reduced amount of cash we believe that the upfront cash and simplified payment structure put STGR in a far stronger position ahead of a potential RTO.

Dorset 53 09 Dec 2016

Re: broker view Seems to be behind a subscription wall. Any chance of giving us the verdict, please?

Mars_2050 30 Nov 2016

STGR RNS StratMin reviewing “very high quality opportunities”30 Nov 2016Chief executive Brett Boynton said “Nothing has been decided yet, but we can say that we are reviewing some very high quality opportunities."The company is required to make a new acquisition if it is to retain its listing on London’s AIM, following the divestment of its main asset in September when it became a shell company.Management has in recent months focussed on opportunities in the precious metals sector and today the company told investors it has identified a number of interesting prospective projects.It highlighted the group’s management has experience and expertise in gold projects, and that the gold price has improved in the past year. “The board is of the opinion that there are significant opportunities for the company in this sector,” Stratmin added.The company also noted there was a possibility that the TMV (or Tirupati Resources Mauritius) flake graphite venture – a vehicle it currently has a 1.74% stake in – could be opened up to new investment in order to accelerate project development.It may in turn see a stock market flotation of TRM, as operations at the venture’s Vatomaina plant are commissioned.Stratmin presently retains 1.74% of TRM, and it is agreed that any new investment in the venture would be at a minimum entry price equal to StratMin's existing investment.The company noted that it still intends to complete a reverse takeover (RTO) acquisition, but, it may revisit the possibility of participating in TRM’s Vatomaina project, only after an acquisition is done.Boynton in a statement said: "The team is conscious of working to complete a suitable transaction in order to maintain the company's admission to trading on AIM.“Nothing has been decided yet, but we can say that we are reviewing some very high quality opportunities.“Opening the TMV project to new investment enables StratMin to focus on the RTO requirement and dedicate cash to that effort."

Mars_2050 30 Nov 2016

Bass RNS - good progress Looking good for Stratmins Tranche 2 and 3. Worth $8 million Bass RNS[link] REFURBISHMENT COMMENCES IN PARALLEL WITH INCREASED HEAD GRADES AND FIRST SALESHighlights• Bass Metals commences plant refurbishment with purchase of two 800kva caterpillar generators to improve processing availability by >30%pa.• Seeking high margin mining blocks, Bass has seen an increase in head grades from 4-5% up to 7-8%.• 12,000tpa drying, screening and packaging facility under construction.• Graphmada makes first sales under Bass’ management.

Mars_2050 10 Nov 2016

Re: Graphite Here are the raw materials we need to fuel the electric car boom [link]

Mars_2050 10 Nov 2016

Battery Megafactories are coming The lithium ion battery megafactories are coming... @benchmarkmin's tracker in March 2015: 3 Nov 2016: 14

Mars_2050 10 Nov 2016

Graphite Lithium, Graphite, Cobalt, Neodymium, Praseodymium, Terbium, and Dysprosium poised to Skyrocket | InvestorIntel [link]

Mars_2050 24 Oct 2016

Bass director buys Bass boardWow that is great news ! Directors buying on the open market ! 1 million shares acuired on the open market at 1.5c for 15.00$Now Mr Wright has 14,080,458 Fully paid Ordinary Shares and 8,290,229 Options with an ex price of $0.025c and expire 31/12/2018, acquired through Macquarie River Holdings Pty Ltd (Mr Wright is a director and shareholder of this company). When directors buy on the open market...well you know what it means ! Breakout of the stock price very soon IMOStratmin directors taking their salary at 2.5p

jaytrader 20 Oct 2016

Re: 2.6£m Market cap vs £10m sal... MarsI agree with you that this is undervalued but the problem is STGR have to take some action to secure their AIM listing and until this is achieved the market will not revalue. What are your thoughts on when this will be achieved?

Mars_2050 20 Oct 2016

2.6£m Market cap vs £10m sale income Bass Metals is paying Stratmin a total bid package in cash, shares and royalties valued at A$16.3 million. Thanks to the improved exchange rate this deal is now valued at £10.2 million ~5.8p. Bass metals is making great progress towards expansion, has A$7 million in the bank so is fully funded going ahead. Which means Stratmin will receive Bass share package worth A$8 million (tranche 2 and 3) within the next 12-18 months and royalties capped at A$5 million.Experienced Aussie Graphite investors are loving the Graphmada/Stratmin asset, trading at 1.7c.Just visit the Bass metals bb[link] caps 19 Oct, Bloomberg Bass......$20m ~£12.5m!! STGR................£2.65m!Non-producing Graphite companies in Australia ASX on a Bull runHexagon Resources..A$65m - £41mTalga Resources.......A$60m - £37mKibaran Resources....A$50m - £31mVolt Resources........A$74m - £46mMagnis Resources...A$360m - £225mSyrah Minerals.........A$1.02 BILLION! - £637m Bass/Graphmada will be valued way above $100million imo which bodes well for tranche 2-3.Furthermore we now know that Stratmin will continue as follow on business via the Tirupati option.They will be mostly internally funded using the millions of pound worth of Bass shares and bank debt facility for the 12kt Vatamaina project see RNS, which will be operated by our JV Partner Tirupati India. They are graphite experts with 30y experience and have a proven ability to sell every ton they produce.5-10x Bagger just to catch to our peersAs always DYOR Buy low, Sell highGLA

Mars_2050 13 Oct 2016

Spherical graphite demand Spherical graphite : Huge Demand, Lack of Supply, the race is ONOctober 12, 2016 Dr FouadGraphite demand for lithium-ion battery anodes will increase 3 fold from 80,000 tpa in 2015 to at least 250,000 tpa by the end of 2020 according to benchmark minerals estimates. Its a race to who could service the burgoening spherical graphite market. The demand is there, its growing fast, but there is insufficient and inconsistent supply. As the anode material of choice for lithium ion battery manufacturers, spherical graphite demand ultimate enemy is the availability of supply of the material itself. The huge demand is there and growing fast, but supply is lacking and growing slowly.The situation is unsustainable, and if suppliers of spherical graphite fail to satisfy the huge demand for natural graphite as an anode material, battery manudacturers will turn to something else, either they will continue using the higher cost but consistent option the synthetic graphite (from petrolum coke), or they will accelerate the development of new anode technologies like silicon (tesla-panasonic are increasing relentlessly the amount of silicon (now only 5%) in their anodes compared to graphite), lithium metal, graphene coated silicon or sulfur based anodes (sony's 2020 new lithium ion batteries) or other new anode technology.For Sony new anodes that do not recquire graphite to be commercialized by 2020 :[link] : "The magic bullet is sulfur, apparently. Sony’s new batteries are based on a hybrid lithium-sulfur design: they swap the plain negative electrode in lithium-ion batteries for a sulfur-based one, and retain the lithium-based positive electrode. That has allowed the company to dramatically increase energy density — up to 1,000Wh/L, or 40 percent larger than your run-of-the-mill, 700Wh/L lithium-ion battery." End of Quote.For Tesla-Panasonic efforts to use more silicon in their anodes :[link] : "The cells that contain silicon today – including those used in consumer electronics that have been on the market for a few years – contain such a small amount that it’s not really changing the equation. It’s a small percentage of the anode material, and the majority of capacity is still coming from the graphite. However, battery-makers clearly intend to find ways to overcome the challenges, and add more silicon. As Musk said in July’s announcement, Tesla “expects to increase pack capacity by roughly 5% per year” (although not all of those increases will be solely due to adding more silicon)." End of Quote.For predictions regarding the future demand of spherical graphite by 2020 :[link] : "Demand for graphite (carbon) used as anode material in lithium ion batteries is set to increase by over 200% in the next four years as global cell production surges on the back of maturing pure electric vehicle demand and the inception of the utility storage market.New data from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence forecasts the anode market – which is nearly exclusively served by naturally sourced spherical graphite and synthetically produced graphite – to increase from 80,000 tpa in 2015 to at least 250,000 tpa by the end of 2020 while the market could be as large as 400,000 tpa in the most bullish of cases with no supply restrictions.Taking the most conservative case, Benchmark estimates that over 360,000 tonnes of medium flake graphite will be needed as a feedstock source for the spherical material by 2020. This is nearly a doubling of the flake concentrate market in 2015 should the natural-to-synthetic demand proportions remain the same in 2020.At present, China produces 100% of the world’s spherical graphite which is predominately sourced from mi

Mars_2050 13 Oct 2016

Bass RNS: making good progress The Bass market announcement can be read here:[link] very good for Tranche 2 IMO. And since Stratmin team are sill running the engineering schedule we are getting to see what Stratmin could have done last year with the finance that Bass got access to.Stratmin will recreate Lohorano in the JV mine, build on the knowledge they already gained from the last 18 months plus Tirupati's 20+ years experience.In addition it looks like the expansion concentrator at Lohorano will be 14-18ktpa, not the original 12k - which means Bass Metals will be a bigger producer than we thought, and Stratmin as a shareholder will benefit from both the JV mine and Bass' ongoing success.Taken from bass bbGreat News ! Amazing progress from management in a very short time since they took over ! Great things to come ! 1) Improved recovery rate of mined graphite from 47% to 59% ! (that is an incredible improvement, which will result in lower costs of operations per tonne mined)"The primary improvement implemented has resulted in a lift in recovery from an average of 47% under Stratmin’s management, to 59% for feedstock from Loharano. The improved recovery has proven to be stable, without any loss in the average final product grade."IMO we will see even better recovery rates, once they start controlling scientifically the grade of the ore being mined and feeded to the mill :"The new Grade Control Drill has been ordered and is in transit to site"2) Improved ore grade after the primary re-grind mill from 61% to 69% ! this would help further the final grade of graphite after all processing steps have been done. hopefully they could aachieve consistent final grades of 94%+ and maybe surprise us with 95%+ !3) All these improvements are done BEFORE even the implementation of IMO's suggested improvements. "We now plan to implement our major improvements on the back of the excellent results we are seeing from IMO’s test work, which we hope to announce in the coming weeks.”4) As a bonus : they start the resource update !"JORC Resource update for Loharano is underway and is on schedule" Congratulations to Bass Management ! Keep up the amazing work ! And congratulations to Bass sharholders : A multi-bagger in the making !

Mars_2050 08 Oct 2016

12 new Megafactories Tesla Giga Factory, Among Others, May Cause Lithium Or Graphite ShortagesSeekingAlpha, October 06, 2016,Batteries - Lithium or Graphite - which is it?[link] investors, we have heard explosive growth stories for Lithium and Graphite from the rising demand for batteries, especially the numerous giga factories planned around the world. There are 12 planned between now and 2020, but most are in Europe and Asia, just two are in the U.S., in Nevada and Michigan.Currently, over 60% of the demand for lithium and graphite is industrial use, but it is this anticipation of battery demand that gets all the optimistic forecasts and it is deserving.Currently, lithium is getting all the attention, but when I crunched all the facts and numbers, it is clear the graphite investor should reap higher rewards.First, some important battery basicsThey are called lithium ion batteries not because they are filled with lithium, but it is the powerful reaction of lithium and the movement of the lithium ion that provides the power or electricity.Inside the battery casing there is 3 basic components.The Cathode that is typically a Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide. NCM for short and a successful combination is 5 parts nickel, 3 parts cobalt and 2 parts manganese.The anode that is a graphite carbon that facilitates the absorption of lithium ions. Six Graphite atoms can hold 1 lithium atom, think of this as holding a charge.And 3rd, the electrolyte that facilitates the movement of the lithium ion between the cathode and anode.When a battery is used or discharges - the lithium ions move from the anode (graphite) to the cathode (nickel). When you recharge it, basically, you are moving the lithium ions back to the anode.CEO, Elon Musk of Tesla Motors ( TSLA ) recently commented," Our cells should be called Nickel-Graphite, because primarily the cathode is nickel and the anode side is graphite with silicon oxide… [there's] a little bit of lithium in there, but it's like the salt on the salad, "I believe he was down playing the lithium more than warranted.Musk said that the amount of lithium in a lithium ion battery is about 2% of its total volumeVolume is probably not a good metric because lithium, graphite and nickel are all sold by weight, tons or pounds.There is actually more nickel and cobalt in these batteries than lithium. Nickel is priced higher than graphite about $10,000 per ton and half the cobalt reserves are in a precarious place, The Congo. For this report, I am going to focus on the lithium and graphite.LithiumLithium is highly reactive and its ions are bursting to get on the move. I can remember back in Chemistry class, that lithium only had to be exposed to water and would start an explosive reaction immediately.This is why you have heard of battery fires and there are strict guidelines or restrictions on lithium ion battery shipping. The amount of lithium in a batteryis quite common knowledge because of this. You can refer to some regulations from UPS and their calculation on lithium content.Just a couple weeks ago, Amazon ( AMZN ) was fined $84,000 for shipping lithium ion batteries by air.In the U.S. - Cells must not exceed 1.5 g of "equivalent lithium content"; - Batteries must not exceed 8 g of "equivalent lithium content." You may calculate "equivalent lithium content" by multiplying the cell's ampere-hours by 0.3. Since most small batteries are marked with milliampere-hours, you must first divide milliampere-hours by 1,000 before multiplying the result by 0.3Example: A 2Ah 18650 Li-ion cell has 0.6 grams of lithium content. On a typical 60 Wh laptop battery with 8 cells (4 in series and 2 in parallel), this adds up to 4.8g. To stay under the 8-gram UN limit, the largest battery you can bring on a plane is 96 Wh (and must be in a device).Tesla's Model S 85 KWH battery is made with thousands of small batteries or ce

Mars_2050 06 Oct 2016

Electric car revolution Electric car revolution brightens outlook for a medley of metals [link]