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10:31 27/01/2015

might have to give this one a year or two

10:31 27/01/2015

im in

09:34 27/01/2015

Just did my own research after reading the posts below. Manoli Yannaghas was a director at Red Rock Resources. Check it's graph! then I watched his interviews online.. Gut feeling is he is on the dilution track. He comes from finance not from mining. He is lacking on details in response to questions. "We have a geologist.. err going up there".. etc etc. Im OUT>.

13:07 02/01/2015

100k purchase at 7.3

16:25 10/11/2014

strong buy!

16:24 10/11/2014


16:24 10/11/2014

stong buy!

08:38 23/10/2014

Hightex(HTIG) Vinci, is the frontrunner for a major deal to run London’s Olympic Stadium for the next 10 years. By PLATTS 23 Oct 2014 06:50:17 ..

11:36 22/10/2014

i think 8.75 is a good marker, 200 day sma

11:35 22/10/2014