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14:19 20/04/2015

should be creeping up but may not be any news for 3 months, unless there is a resource upgrade

14:18 20/04/2015


13:31 20/04/2015

I won't acknowledge the SP as it'll only drop straight back the minute I do

13:27 01/04/2015

Also, please can anyone explain the relationship between STGR and Northland Capital Partners? Thanks

13:06 01/04/2015

Hi All, new to the forum. Arminius, I've seen your peer imbalance summary appear here a few times. Does anyone have suggestions for why the gap exists? Also, is a date known for the next RNS? Thanks

15:57 27/01/2015

get the grades up to 95% and show us some sales figures

15:57 27/01/2015

stuttering aside, it does sound like we will start to see some action here over next 6 months

13:13 27/01/2015

Production, sales, production, sales. That's where we want to be.' And that's where we will be. I'm keeping faith that's for sure

10:31 27/01/2015

4.75 looks like the low

10:31 27/01/2015

should be set now