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05 May 2016
16:29 22/03/2020

COVID19 This must be the end of the line? with total isolation how can this company overcome an already serious timescale to production?

11:25 29/03/2018

Conference call I found by listening to Jason & Mike and reading between the lines they are in need of some help from our Government to resolve the unknown issue, a PI did raise this question and intervention at a higher level could be a better way forward IMO.

11:16 29/03/2018

Conference call Summary Accypete, I would say you picked up on all the main points, good work.

17:37 28/03/2018

Re: Commode I have just read the company website and noted that it was awarded ISGF Innovation Award [link] reported on the 9th March. JC's comments were very interesting but the key point is that the award highlights the quality of the product to the whole of India. I was surprised that this was not on the HL website news section. Thought I should share this with everyone.section

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