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01:48 08/01/2016

Any chance of this company reporting?

23:22 07/01/2016

GY161S well spudded on 27th November with an estimated drill time of 21 days. It is now 42 days. The frustrating thing from Range Resources is the complete lack of openness. I can handle a lack of success in drilling etc., but not the complete failure of the BOD to keep the market informed. They are a disgrace.

08:01 29/12/2015

RE aledtriniBAD eggshell man won't like that one HAHAHA

07:34 03/11/2015

Celtic, yes I agree. 100 BOPD should be achievable.

23:03 28/10/2015

well said petebo on lse that Saltdome and Spammers are gobby cowards lol in fact they are a pair of caants

13:49 26/10/2015

LSE stream not working? Looking over there the usual cockroaches are out in force ... SaltDome, Wehatespammers, mikeboy ... now joined by OMADAWN another loser that has sold at a massive loss and instead of moving on is now a bitter troll like the other bellends mentioned.

09:40 05/10/2015

So after promising to leave that bell-end called Wehatespammers on the lse board has gone nowhere. Probably got lonely in his sad life without compny of other trolls brikcet and Saltdome

01:08 05/10/2015

Lewis. No. We actually put our clocks FORWARD an hour.

12:53 04/10/2015

Would also add I don't put my hard earned in to anything I havn't researched and don't get why some posters bash down a company they claim to have not invested in!

12:36 04/10/2015

As a result of the new store that is and not traffic jams!