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17:41 22/09/2015

oh dear one more dummy appears as mikeboy joins team troll on lse - a bumchum of Wehatespammers obviously

00:28 22/09/2015

On the iii board, Ace08 and booster11 are clearly the resident trolls and also utter bellends.

00:15 22/09/2015

Just like to reiterate to genuine shareholders that SaltDome, Wehatespammers and bricket on the LSE discussion board are complete and utter bellends.

11:35 17/09/2015

Message to Jimmyrobby85 - you are wasting your time arguing with idiots such as SaltDome, Wehatespammers and bricket! They are not interested in facts only in disrupting the discussion boards!

08:39 17/09/2015

Add bricket and Wehatespammers to the idiot list. Very unfunny trolls

23:56 16/09/2015

Username SaltDome posts the most rubbish on lse, I think maybe there is retardation issues?

15:57 14/09/2015

WRES about to move up !

11:54 24/07/2015

Get out...!

10:20 23/07/2015

Celtic, you are an absolute dreamer. There is no reason for this sp to climb until at least 29/7 and even then I doubt the news will be any better than neutral.

13:42 17/06/2015

I see some things haven't changed. All the BS under the Sun, be it positive or negative won't make any difference to long-term holders such as me (2009). Production, sales and effective cost management is what will decide success or failure.