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12:26 04/10/2015

Been in Range since 2012 and watched the ups and downs with hope and despair in equal measure. Not selling anytime soon as I believe this is a company that will succeed long term. Up for a Dorking drink as I am just down the road in Horsham. BTW the new John Lewis has made the traffic situation in town difficult but I understand property prices increased as a result, so happy days.

18:24 03/10/2015

Don't worry WHS, you're troll bumchums bricket and SaltDome will no doubt carry on where you left off. You sad fckers - not even invested here and flood the message boards with shiite.

18:22 03/10/2015

Wehatespammers on lse is crying like a little biaatch because the admin won't allow him troll the board. LOL.

13:29 28/09/2015

Celtic and Lewis. Is the sp rising?

12:08 28/09/2015

Lewis has gone quiet. Must be in the gym.

10:58 28/09/2015

Lewis, are you pumping the sp?

10:57 28/09/2015

Lewis, are you pumping iron?

10:33 28/09/2015

Lewis, how do you go to gym as you stated a couple of hours ago but make many posts since. I think you are full of it.

08:44 28/09/2015

lewisycymoedd. Must have been a quick visit to the gym.

07:18 24/09/2015

1000 BOPD. Apart from a statement that 1000 BOPD is the target there is nothing to suggest that it will be achieved. Two more failed test wells. The sorry story of Range continues.