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21:42 06/02/2014

Chart, 4hr chart ParabSAR - bearish…..20ma 50ma crossover imminent, currently SP sitting below both again bearish…….momentum down, 0.00 breached. The Daily chart looking weak SP just sitting below 20ma…..this so called support @ 1.25 is becoming resistance which has been building. Best Doji

21:31 06/02/2014

Conf Call will be an intro....current status.....if have any question please contact our Pl dept, erm sorry! our PR dept.... Best Doji

21:16 06/02/2014

It will morph...as for the brain food, cannibalism is on the menu they will eat there young if they disagree....the lunatics have now taken over the asylum. Best Doji

21:12 06/02/2014

WorldofLost Socks seems to have lost it's mojo, think this is contagious and is now air born as it travels through cyber space I will morph, breed and create smaller islands which will soon run out of brain food....Best Doji

20:18 06/02/2014

1.25 will become the ceiling, no sign of TexazzZZzz, RBL and PL shifted his feet, the PL shuffle. Best Doji

19:57 06/02/2014

Lets be clear 1.25 had indeed been breached to create a new low, therefore state that it is support is pathetic. The Con call will create a get out for some whilst others will be buying in thinking this had turned a corner. This will be the dead cat bounce, be careful PI's and remember missing the first few % in a genuine rise is nothing. Best Doji

19:50 06/02/2014

Alert.! Alert.! Alert.! CelticChartZ has posted his TA & Chart@ 17:32 on LSE exact same post also on iii @17:33...double trouble! You know the history with this strange correlation, it's uncanny, the end result is the demise of the SP. I now fear for the future of RRL, it used to be a laugh but now i'm genuinely concerned that other naïve, beginners, newbies will be pulled in here like before! shameless ramping and no more. GLA Best Doji

13:12 06/02/2014

Welcome to the new Range Resources stream forum! Messages posted in the Range Resources stream will be logged here for posterity.

13:12 06/02/2014

Conf call - Please speak to the new head of Public Relations which i'm pleased to announce is PL....Best Doji