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00:15 22/02/2016

Never mind Celtic will convert this BS update to some false positive. Watch this space.

00:14 22/02/2016

What happened to the 1000 bopd for the March quarter? All of the new drills for nothing apparently. As is the case the bopd target is pushed further into the future.

00:12 22/02/2016

This website is now blocking any criticism of the company.

10:09 10/02/2016

Re: spike down. No, not worth pointing out.

08:25 10/02/2016

Buyer beware!

06:57 09/02/2016

Unbebloodyleivable!! Price manipulation? You must be joking! The only factor "manipulating" the share price is the failure of Range Resources to perform.

09:56 08/02/2016

celtic. The share price fell. it did not rise or even hold. Try to deal with the facts.

09:33 15/01/2016

not loe. low.

09:33 15/01/2016

Predictable opening trade. Gee, I did not realise that a low price sale was automatically manipulation. I have wrongly thought that the aim is to buy loe

19:34 08/01/2016

Can this company survive, would be my main concern .while the same posters paranoia, knows no bounds tut tut : - (