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14:58 16/03/2014

time to jump off this ship going no were

19:37 14/03/2014

time to jump the ship on this going no were

18:24 13/03/2014

this company is finished going no were fast long live green peace and freinds of the earth

15:35 11/03/2014

great for freinds of the earth this is great news i am with the protesters and hate big bussiness and greed

09:08 03/03/2014

How many earth quake tremors have we had from the North Sea since 1970 ? Has anyone ever heard of any? My house looks at the North Sea and I've never had a window rattle yet. The problem with fracking is it's been overtaken by nimbies who object to anything. The North east is built on old mine works, my house is..... Still no earthquakes yet. So if it's not possible to quote earthquakes, then the newts or bats will have to put in an appearance. There is open cast mines within 2 miles of my home, you wouldn't know they are there, a frack setup has a much smaller environmental footprint than open cast. Checks and balances don't exist anymore, it's all about the newts nimbies and bats. Ahem, thank you for listening, let's frack !

18:22 01/03/2014

get your cash out of this and join us in fastjet

23:09 28/02/2014

get some of your cash on fastjet massive rewards come on now

20:06 26/02/2014

come and get your cash on fastjet

20:06 26/02/2014

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