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Ripley94 05 Oct 2018

Placing IGAS… XXXXX Cuadrilla started first fracking in England i heard on news . I thought it would be positive for this share price and it did gain 3.5 %

Ripley94 28 Sep 2018

Placing IGAS… XXXXX Was reading about the jailed fracking protesters on Wednesday 26 September 2018 and saw that was a Cuadrilla ( private company ) site where they were arrested. igas named by anti fracking site in list of other fracking company’s . Egdon and Angus on same list.

mark1 03 Jul 2018

Placing Are we expecting any news on IGas

Ripley94 01 Jul 2018

Placing IGAS… XXXXX Can not get the Hawk page up on this new look site. Saw IGAS on a list of 11 oil stocks to go bust blogged by Tom Winnifrith January 2016. Thank goodness this one has not. The others . PCI… LGO… XEL… MAGP… IOF… NUOG… NOP… GKP… EVO. as well as HAWK. HAWK the last to join some of the others that proved him right. Although i note Gary Newman claimed they were a buy 29/08/2014.

Ripley94 20 Jun 2018

Placing IGAS… XXXX Thought i had these and i do ( si ) i bought @ 4.48 looks like the equivalent after consolidation was 89.6p

Maverick 22 May 2018

Re: Lots due to happen here Added to this is the cost of oil, gas and electricity all rising dramatically now and forecast to.This is a HOLD and buy less than £1.

coldascheese 18 May 2018

Re: Lots due to happen here Since I posted here lst October price has moved up fromm 55p to 88p which is quite goodA small number of buys seem to move price a fair bit.However I feel that the share price still has long way to go.They are drilling two wells in the summer,are profitable and have large number of free carried interests in other wells. The government has just re- stated their commitment to getting the fracking moving and the country more reliant on our own gas instead of imports.IGAS has lots of interests in this area and will benefit from this situation. IGAS share price could easily double in a year, and if either of the two wells being drilled soon come in with the goods, it will be a lot more than double.

Marches Dave 22 Apr 2018

Russian influence Here are a couple of interesting links about Russian influence over anti-fracking groups in USA and NATO.[link]

Omaha man 09 Apr 2018

Re: Same information from British Gas If you bothered to read the link I posted you would see that the vast majority of our gas imported from Europe comes from Norway. For further reference the Dept for BEIS also puts it at 1%.

juyamah 09 Apr 2018

Same information from British Gas [link] gas is sold into the european pipelines and we purchase it from there, the largest supplier into that is Russia, so its obvious to me we must be purchasing from them.

juyamah 09 Apr 2018

Re: Russian gas or fracking [link] we import 44% of our gas from europe and that is 33% fullfilled by supplies from Russia then I make it we are importing approximatly 15% of our needs directly or indirectly from Russia.

Omaha man 06 Apr 2018

Re: Russian gas or fracking No, I think you will find the figure is 1%:[link]

juyamah 06 Apr 2018

Re: Russian gas or fracking I think if you look closer at the figures you will find closer to 20% of the gas used in the UK originates from Russia, as Europe supplies 44% of our Usage and they purchase over a third of that from Russia.

Omaha man 04 Apr 2018

Re: Russian gas or fracking We get ~1% of our gas from Russia. Excuse me while I don't panic.

feoffor 04 Apr 2018

Russian gas or fracking [link] above article supports previous posts.