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17:18 27/03/2018

Predictable result. Nervegas attack must've been to drive up gas prices. [link]

Norway's currency is rising vs gbp

13:46 18/01/2016

advfn holders are bearish. 100% sell there

20:01 17/12/2015

BBC Yes I have noticed this time and time again , However our local news BBC Northwest is now giving a more balanced view and interviewing people with views on both sides so hopefully the rest of the BBC will follow

09:24 13/11/2015

Hot tips if UK shale gas exploitation powers ahead [link]

11:31 05/10/2015

I was agreeing with you until your last sentence Dragon lol

06:43 25/07/2015

RE: push for fraccing also signed, lets hope it helps getting things moving

09:19 08/05/2015

Personally I'm dissapointed to see him leave, I certainly wish at times he had conducted his personal finances differently but on balance I think this is a loss to the company for the co-founder to leave. I am however very pleased to see the conservatives back in power, I feel they are probably the best party to exploit this potential cash cow and bring in some much needed tax for the country