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12:29 26/09/2014

If you want to wait before buying, support is 76

12:24 26/09/2014

General market sell off because of the conflict in Iraq. Unjustified. We'll need fracking because of the general ME chaos, anyway. BUY for long term

10:39 25/09/2014

Political pressure to sanction Russia means this is a buy long term.

10:18 25/09/2014

Westhouse is a buyer with a target of 174

09:53 25/09/2014

See 4-traders website

21:04 05/09/2014

Is it me or can I detect a slight panic from you C7? You appear to be desparate to identify any tenuous link to IGas that could concievably have a negative effect. The sun has gone down so I am assuming your laptop is no longer running on solar power and you are having to revert to national grid electricity powered by good old natural gas....

17:33 02/09/2014

Re: Some more bad news.... If you are going to point out the negatives C7, you may also want to provide a balanced view.... the report goes on to state the countries affected and "...The issue of water stress is unlikely to be as serious in the UK as it is in some other countries. "I think from the UK perspective, the impact on water resources may be less of a challenge than perhaps first thought, provided that it is planned for properly," Dr Jim Marshall, policy adviser to Water UK, told the BBC..." - Balanced arguments gain support, lopsided tend to be ignored. As you say DYOR

19:28 27/08/2014

Hi Cautious7, I admit I am no expert in fracking but have been following this thread for a couple of weeks including your barage of negativity about the prospect of it becoming successful. Your common theme being that the trend is downwards. Your latest post was intriguing, you said "...and have made laods of money in property through luck/timing as I bought a few properties in london when others were selling..." I am therefore confused, are you suggesting on the one hand that people should follow the trend (as per your comments about iGas) or go against the trend (as per your judgement in the housing market).

21:18 26/08/2014

Newbie here, could someone explain why there were so many trades today (regular as clockwork every few minutes) at 100 shares

08:20 16/08/2014

hi, ive been following igas for a few months now, particularly this bb. Can someone tell me how to block a poster from the timeline, im getting tired of one posters constant negativity. Any help is appreciated