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06:43 25/07/2015

RE: push for fraccing also signed, lets hope it helps getting things moving

09:19 08/05/2015

Personally I'm dissapointed to see him leave, I certainly wish at times he had conducted his personal finances differently but on balance I think this is a loss to the company for the co-founder to leave. I am however very pleased to see the conservatives back in power, I feel they are probably the best party to exploit this potential cash cow and bring in some much needed tax for the country

16:26 13/03/2015

UK oil and gas companies expect to create thousands of jobs over the next two years despite the dramatic slide in oil prices.

14:48 24/12/2014

Hi everybody, wishing you Merry Christmas. i am sure that the creation of this side was much overdue. Finally it will be for the best interest of the IGAS real supporters.

15:41 22/12/2014

Get Igas out of Ellesmere Port not wanted there

06:52 18/12/2014

Get igas out of Ellesmere Port not wanted by us there long live the Green Party

08:42 15/12/2014

What would you consider the offer price per share to be?

12:20 12/12/2014

Where in the link did you find the rumour?

17:01 13/11/2014

Re: Director deals Hargreaves Langsdown 550k shows it as a buy

18:50 11/11/2014

BBC North West , At last a balanced interview from the BBC on fracking here in the north west, a professor from University of Glasgow gives an unbiased view on the regulation needed for fracking , he explains our regulations are far better then the US and yes he was happy for it go under his house as I would , we do really need more of this unbiased coverage on our TV stations