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15:53 20/03/2014


09:38 19/03/2014

RNS says we are flowing 16000 bopd. But selling only ~10000. Looks good for a nice ramp-up

09:30 19/03/2014

RNS out...

15:28 18/03/2014

RNS on Thurs and you can take that to the bank - lol

08:51 18/03/2014

Baghdad (AIN) –The Central Government and Kurdistan Region have reached a compromise over exporting the oil and endorsing the Budget. An informed source stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "KR agreed upon exporting its oil thought SOMO Oil Company where the official announcement of the agreement will be within two days." "The two sides agreed upon endorsing the General Budget next week after settling the disputes over it," the source concluded.

16:25 14/03/2014

Who the freak is selling this?

15:35 14/03/2014

This is to shake out all CFDs etc..

13:01 10/03/2014

Got some more buy orders just sub 145. Lets see what comes of them.

12:59 10/03/2014

Sorry about the drop to 148. I added a buy order when we were at high 149.xx and mine was for 148.46 which now got bought.

15:21 06/03/2014

From some research it seems that the CPR can be issued from any time from now to a day before the move from AIM to STD listing. The issue there is that the date of 24th is not a 100% as it has been said on that date or after. I hope it is on the date and it 1/2 good, as it is my B-day and will be a nice present