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16:31 31/03/2014

the end is

16:29 31/03/2014

Are people (MM, II, HNWI etc..) doing this due to them knowing there will be no low price placing? I bloody hope that is the case...

16:10 31/03/2014

We are only 13p from 100p. Why the madness?

11:29 27/03/2014

Q&A - Bond route due to not equity placing as shareholders are against it says Todd.

11:28 27/03/2014

Q&A - KRG are in control of the pipeline and blending facility

15:26 26/03/2014

Seems the ship still has a few holes.

15:24 26/03/2014

Please god have GKP tell us they have been paid for the oil they have trucked and the bonds are confirmed at a rate of less than 10%. Else we are f*****d

15:29 25/03/2014

Who thinks there will be a funding RNS on 27th?

16:02 20/03/2014

Why? We will all have died from heart attacks lol

16:01 20/03/2014

TODD - there will be no PI in the end - true that!!!!!