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16:34 22/05/2014

When GKP are producing 20K do people really think that we are going be priced less than £1? give me a break

14:47 15/05/2014

Post Stabilisation Notice - GKP USD

14:47 15/05/2014


10:01 14/05/2014

Will be a blue day today?

12:50 07/05/2014

Trading this is nuts at this point in the game when we are waiting for news on sale of the oil.

11:25 15/04/2014

Who remembers this?

16:24 11/04/2014

Does anyone know if STEAM is on today?

10:22 09/04/2014

Seems to me only 2 things are going to change the SP to a good +ve value. Increase in production to 20K and beyond and being paid for it.

11:53 06/04/2014

GKP in the Sunday press

15:34 01/04/2014

Sweet. All games at the moment