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14:09 02/02/2016

GOOD DAY FOR TALKTALK: The Telecom Group said Charles Bligh, the managing director of TalkTalk Business has bought 617,978 shares at a price of 240.92 pence per share today.

12:21 21/12/2015

Don't see what all the fuss is about??? Once I'm paid my payment of 90 pence per share for shares held on the 18th Dec.. Then there's very little difference between now and last week as far as profits and losses go?!

16:23 23/10/2015

I topped up this afternoon and that hasn't shown up as a buy or sell??? ..A lot of hidden trades today.

15:34 01/09/2015

Goodbye FT250: Lonmin look st to be kicked out of the FTSE 250 and will join the FT Small-Cap. GLA

09:00 04/08/2015

This is heading for a 4.25p finish today.. it will go under 4p tomorrow and then fingers crossed it will start to rise.. because if not this share is done for! GLA

16:38 28/07/2015

Well the good news is only 5 more days to go and we will all be put out of our misery if today fall continues ..At least EB will be out of a job along with all the other BODs! RIP Moni

15:17 28/07/2015

Moni is just a spotty boy in a caravan with an good idea but not a clue what to do with it! So his mum (EB) takes over, puts it on a USB and forgets about it! Goodbye moni :'(

15:03 28/07/2015

Ship is sinking fast... and just an hour after topping up! FFS BOD wake up or we're gonna drown!!

12:16 28/07/2015

Something isn't right with this company.. It drops from 50p to near 5p in less than a year and they don't seem bothered! Is it because they have something up their sleeve or is it because they're getting ready to jump ship as it's sinking fast! I hope they're holding something back (good news) as like many here I will lose big if this share goes under. GLA

22:52 10/07/2015

RNS out: They were not Director buys, they were selling.. Michael Heal sold 271,847 and Peter Fankhauser sold a total of 304,235.