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13:34 22/06/2019

Sold all in ( B )14.2p got same back in ( D ) 14p.... Opportunity to switch for free .

12:53 19/05/2019

Not available on ii ... a sign lol ..Oddly enough i topped up 2nd May 2109 @ 22.5p one year from oldjoe post below .. mistake as massive fall from 14th May 2019 all the way down to 11p .. some bank said shares worthless !! that's not good from past experiences of company's going bust.

08:16 26/11/2015

WRES target price 3p...rerating

22:52 10/07/2015

RNS out: They were not Director buys, they were selling.. Michael Heal sold 271,847 and Peter Fankhauser sold a total of 304,235.

09:42 24/03/2015

resistance at 150

14:46 06/12/2014
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Check out Investors Chronicle article from Friday. States the obvious but some positive PR.

13:25 02/12/2014
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Dogof - why have Standard Life and Invesco increased holding rather than trim?

11:52 28/11/2014
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HG departure good. PF appointment even better. Results good, debt going down nicely, Uk doing well,new routes fleet expanding. Monarch shrinking and oil prices low and falling. What's the panic ??

07:47 28/11/2014
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Problem with waiting on the sidelines is that you miss the booms - fundamentalist faith in the brand, business model and risk management and most importantly people is required before you be truly bonkers like the rest of us who try to be ahead of the curve. Capacity issue has not happened yet which makes the de risking work done by Fankhueser in uk, France And Russia all the more laudable. On the other hand your strategy may pay off but with returns equivalent to the risk you have taken. All the best, just an opinion

20:48 27/11/2014
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no big surprise to me in hg moving on with no travel industry experience she has just been asset stripping for two years and not much left to sell off now.more shop closures will happen in June when contracts expire however business is still coming through the own store whichis a small one booked 5 cruises today so all is not bad.have been in shares from the start so have seen the ups and downs and still not panicking and if had more funds would stock up again.