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11:40 10/07/2015

Anyone owning this share is set to lose big time.. Me included !! Idk if to sell now and make a big loss, just keep losing more by the minute or sit with them and hope in 2-3 years I get my money back.. But at this rate I could lose the lot in 2-3 years.. Need action from BOD !!!

16:15 22/05/2015

Lol.. MORGAN93 things he knows it all so much better than the rest of us when all hes done is said what I said at 13:26 but just made it long winded haha

13:26 22/05/2015

No buy back can happen until the AGM and shareholders approve it.. This stock will rise again, it's just being played by the MM at the moment to maximize their profits when it does..

13:17 22/05/2015

Some news is on the way... Takeover maybe???

10:02 30/01/2015

I feel we have some bad news coming soon looking at the sp drop this week. GLA

15:16 23/01/2015

This stinks of bad news next week!... 75p by the end of next week at this rate!! ..Awful share that has crashed and burned today, can't wait to sell this rubbish!!!

14:22 23/03/2014

RE: Selling... I sold my shares last week too for about 67p and made a big loss for the same reasons as MrGoogle. The Bozo brothers cannot and will not increase their offer, this is now a dead share! You will only make money off Essar Energy by dipping in and out. But with the problems in Russia having a knock on effect on world markets forcing prices down in some companies I'd find something else to invest in at a good price as long term it will be a better investment than Essar Energy.

20:45 14/03/2014

EGFL has tabled a formal offer for the rest of the company despite having a similar earlier bid rejected. Energy Bidco Holdings, part of Essar Global Fund Ltd (EGFL), has made a formal offer of 70p per share for Essar Energy today.

22:45 12/03/2014

VTB is in advanced negotiations with brothers Shashi and Ravi Ruia to take Essar Energy private, 76.5p is rumoured to be the new offer price. gla

23:30 01/03/2014

Rumour has it that the Ruia brothers are putting the final touches to an improved offer for Essar Energy as they push ahead with plans to take the company back into private ownership. We will see soon! gla