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11:12 10/06/2016

SP Angel published a note this morning: "Metminco Limited advises that trading in the shares of the Company was halted on the Australian Securities Exchange ("ASX") today pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 17.1. The ASX trading halt was requested due to the Company becoming aware that price sensitive information concerning advanced, but incomplete, negotiations regarding the Los Calatos Partnership Process (announced 21 October 2015) may be in the public domain. Company notes that its shares will continue to trade on AIM throughout the period of the ASX trading halt. It is expected that the ASX trading halt will end no later than Tuesday, 14 June 2016 when the Company is anticipating being in a position to advise the outcome of these Los Calatos Partnership Process negotiations. scraped from researchtree

11:16 24/12/2015

Wow - Read This..."PROJECT PIPELINE Slipstream has reviewed over 700 companies and their assets to identify suitable investment opportunities for the Fund. We have identified several high quality assets that fit the Fund’s mandate. We are currently in negotiations with the vendors of two outstanding target assets. Both are high grade copper projects located in favourable infrastructure settings with stable, well-regulated governments. Both have considerable upside potential."

20:44 22/12/2015

Most of the drop in our share price is external forces: First Quantum Anto Glencore All share prices akin to MNC have dropped Copper prices have hammered Regardless of dilution when copper is in deficit next year and shorts go long then ill be content for true value to resume northwards. GLA - In it for the 2p range at the least!

10:58 13/12/2015

Just look at the Share Price over the last 3 years vs. the Spot Price of Copper. The share price has a lot to do with the price of copper whether we like it it or not the correlations are indeed what perhaps the brokers, Market Makers and big boys are looking at. The last year alone, excluding the 0.5p spike earlier this year are closely related and uncanny. What does this tell ordinary investors? It is sentiment driven but also calculated by MMs in terms of tomorrows worth. With this weekends news in mind, I am more than bullish on MNC. Short term copper could get back above $2.4/lb imo, good luck all

20:46 11/12/2015

My Guess: If a Joint Venture / Part Sale with massive cash injection expecting a SPECIAL DIVIDEND Distribution to existing shareholders who are on the Shareholders Register at a predefined date prior to the announcement, that would stop anybody on the day wanting a quick buck i.e. Day Traders spiking this to come crashing down. Something tells me £75-200m i.e. 2p to 4p dividend as a way to return value to shareholders... Good luck all...

11:00 09/12/2015

SP has been literally walked down from placing price of .20p to .147p on nothing but fear and fair bit of selling. Placement investors may have had a delta-type trade making money on the way down here. 1p on a decent deal in the short term seems plausible. I am stunned nobody but me has been buying at these levels. Even if they do a raise at 0.001p it still leaves the potential deal open. Madness, Glen, AAL etc are getting their rewards with £bn debts, Metminco has £0 thank feck for that and an asset worth a shed load ready for the next cycle. Just need the damn funding for the next few years sorted and agreed

08:20 09/12/2015

ASX volume for 2 days now has remained non existent. Good news for MNC holders as no follow from the short term traders selling out in the UK. They are selling just when the company might be close to securing a substantial deal and securing its future... Bonkers if you ask me, however commercial reasons are the main theme of the moment for us. Good luck to us all. Copper seems to be stabilising or forming a base but it is at the mercy of the wider metal market. To add or not to add is the question. Remain bullish!

22:16 08/12/2015

CRITICAL bit of the latest RNS, gives me greater confidence and I am surprised this didnt boost share price: The Company for commercial and confidentiality reasons is not at liberty to disclose more at this stage.

20:41 08/12/2015

Today was a shame, the RNS was actually good news. They have for the first time released a statement that added the term commercial reason that they were not at liberty to disclose more at this stage. All previous news have stated interested parties and confidentiality alone stopped them stating more. Well done to holders today, there was some sells from a few people and the Market Makers did their damn hardest but failed. I think the TD2 drill target may have been delayed to save cash as that is what they need to secure deals and negotiations. WHowe exercised his options out of the money and literally weeks before todays news about Chile issues, which most of us written off. So we have stuff going on, Board busy with due diligence and nervous investors.

16:23 23/10/2015

I topped up this afternoon and that hasn't shown up as a buy or sell??? ..A lot of hidden trades today.