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10:28 21/02/2019

discuss the market are so useless: After all this time, they still don't haven't changed Synety to Cloudcall. You try contacting them: Their software is broken so that it's impossible to clear their anti-spam algorithm.

13:29 17/01/2019

Digibobdeluxe: 'everyone' seems to be posting on the LSE share chat page ( Clearly doesn't have a hook-up with them. In fact, since iii wrecked their own website, there's not much on these days.

12:08 25/06/2018

Thanks for that priceless nugget.

13:41 17/05/2018

Major commiserations, Gadams, I find my self in the same boat. This company actually seems to WANT to go bust ..

13:43 02/05/2018

Here's hoping your long range forecast bears fruit, Hyperproject. And I also echo your congratulations to DS.

11:38 20/03/2018

Great post bb. I too would really like to see a serious discussion about the pros and cons of IQE. The cons seems to be that for years it's been promising future profits, but that future seems to constantly recede on each succeeding RNS. Meanwhile all the profits are being handed over to the directors. The pros are obvious, but already baked into the share price, so that share price is constantly vulnerable to investors becoming fed up of un-delivered promises, and nervous of IQE's moat being breached before they finally deliver.

15:41 07/02/2018

Hi Dave Sweeney - please could you respond to WS's point that IQE aren't making much profit? Or do you perhaps you believe that profit levels are going to rise significantly in the next few years?

11:18 22/12/2017

I've been in a number of CF outlets in the east midlands recently, and they've all been packed with shoppers.

13:28 08/12/2017

Like many here, I'd like to thank you Dave for your detailed reports on IQE. Perhaps fewer would like to join me in also thanking Winning Streak too, for effectively playing devil's advocate.

10:22 22/11/2017

Why is Tesco going up today?