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13:41 17/05/2018

Major commiserations, Gadams, I find my self in the same boat. This company actually seems to WANT to go bust ..

15:11 17/02/2017

Oh dear! Investors Chronicle don't seem to rate this offer of 1 for 15. I wonder what they know that we don't.

11:22 03/06/2016

Beaufort's note from this morning: AFC delivered satisfactory performance in H1 2016. The company continued to receive grants from the EU for its involvement in three projects related to the alkaline fuel cell system and other technologies such as a fuel processing system and a novel ammonia fuel system. AFC completed Milestone 11 and achieved a gross electrical output of 204kW from the KORE fuel cell system. The completion of this milestone provided significant technical and operational data, which has enabled the team to fully assess and identify further areas where enhancements can be made to optimise the fuel cell system. Meanwhile, AFC is progressing well for developing further strategic and technical partnerships for new power projects in its target markets. The company remains fully funded owing to grants received from EU and raising through offer for subscription. We are buoyed by the company's progress at the KORE system and await future updates on it." pulled from Research Tree

10:26 20/04/2015

Given chat has died down I'll post my first comment to see if this sparks some debate - given the previous posts about hydrogen derived from seawater powering AFC cells with pure water as a bi-product, could this be the future power supply for large ships - eg: cargo / cruise ships (also drinking water with mineral added to 'pure' water (or showers, washing etc without adding minerals)? This 'Hydra ship' is powered by a 5kw AFC fuel cell - [link] This would be an interesting alternative market.

12:19 19/03/2015

share price predictions come close tomorrow?

16:30 16/03/2015

27.95 close?

10:02 16/03/2015

What's MMs?

09:59 16/03/2015

I wonder if this share price can go back to the same pice as the old days? Any opinions?

23:16 15/03/2015

Why did the. Share price go so low in the first place?

23:33 13/03/2015