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10:22 22/11/2017

Why is Tesco going up today?

11:04 28/06/2016

Alphavalue note on research tree. "After three years of decline, Tesco has shown a second consecutive quarter of sales growth in the UK. In its domestic market, sales increased by 0.3% lfl despite the steady challenging environment with continued deflation and stiff competition from the discounters Aldi and Lidl. There was a deflationary impact of c.-0.7% on total UK lfl sales. International lfl sales climbed (+3.0%) due to the positive result from both Asia and Europe, leading to a 0.9% rise on a lfl basis over this Q1 16/17."

08:21 22/04/2015

draft?? explain your statement... it is up ??

08:30 12/02/2015

Will there be loads of people buying valentine flowers at aldi,i think not.

08:23 12/02/2015

didn't know aldi/lidl shoppers had cars.

13:40 20/01/2015

feeling much better about this now

16:41 08/01/2015

some interesting after hour trades/

16:31 08/01/2015

Great day for Tesco

14:50 08/01/2015
12:08 08/01/2015

Sounds like they are actually getting on with sorting it all out now. Tesco FTW