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17:52 08/01/2020

If the deal goes thru. Your broker will just replace your shares with cash for the value of the deal price.

15:20 08/01/2020

If the deal does go through, will there still he an immediate risk of share price dropping back down ? I mean isbit a good idea to take profits now ?

13:29 17/01/2019

Digibobdeluxe: 'everyone' seems to be posting on the LSE share chat page ( Clearly doesn't have a hook-up with them. In fact, since iii wrecked their own website, there's not much on these days.

08:36 07/03/2018 mistake

08:35 07/03/2018

Wish they had seperated the send button from the input bar when they designed this. Too easy to send

08:33 07/03/2018

...the share down that might give me an opportunity to top up and either way its good to hear all views.

08:31 07/03/2018

Personally im happy to hear all opinions, wether positive or negative, otherwise your in danger of being too in love with a share. If someone wants to try talk

08:12 28/04/2017

SXX still showing on todays AIM...thought we were being promoted as of 0800hrs?

17:02 06/01/2017

I'm new to this discussion board. Also relatively new to share dealing. Having only dabbled for the past 2 years. Couldn't be happier to have found this share, a lot of great information and knowledge has come my way here. The main reason for me finally registering to send a message was to agree with tiggerman1. It's a shame occasionally this thread becomes lost in bickering and "oneupmanship". Love the local updates from feet on the ground. Please keep them coming

12:58 02/09/2016

" I wouldn't sell. In fact buying today". - brave soul.