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16:20 10/02/2019

Yes reviewed this biggest ever loss in one share this was Madness £ 15200 .

12:11 10/12/2018

Noticed RNS here today listing removed , history gone from digi .. Rang ( J ) then PB no record as this was done directly with ( J ) 814,700 @ 1p loss £ 8147 ( 24th May 2017 ) another £5000 ( D ) ( 25th May in & out ...26th May £3000 1st Dec 2017 £1000 28TH Feb 2018 £1000 more than loss than carillon.

12:07 31/05/2016

Just pulled this from ResearchTree... Bad news released just before a 3 day weekend is typically about as welcome as a soggy bank-holiday break. That said, any sharp fall in shares can offer good opportunities for risk-tolerant investors prepared to take advantage of any over-reaction.

13:46 08/12/2015

Hey........... the Flow boiler is not going anywhere fast, the lines still down, no production at all.........

20:05 27/10/2015

Your discussions are irrelevant as to how much gas it uses and the boiler's a lame duck....

16:21 25/09/2015

huge chunky buy in WRES... ready for news next week

12:07 15/06/2015

Any reason for the drop ?

09:52 30/04/2015

Well, that RNS should remove a lot if the doubts voiced over the last 2-3 months! 1. Is the boiler really capable of producing electricity at a commercially attractive efficiency? Well, if anyone knows Jabil do .. and they're stumping up £8.4 million. 2. Are the boilers actually selling? The sign ups are in line with the internal forecasts, ie indicating that 18,000 for the year is on track. Reservations are not the same as installs but they should align in the near future. 3. Is the company all 'jam tomorrow'? Well, there was no need to forecast in this RNS being positively cash generative by end 2015 and profitable by H1 2016.... but they did! 4. Is the energy business proving a good route to market? On today's news it either is proving so or it isn't but is proving profitable anyway in it's own right. There wouldn't be any logic in aiming for 800,000 accounts otherwise. All in all, plenty detail and very optimistic. No need for a newsletter now.

12:32 19/12/2014

I don't understand it either cirrus, usually companies developing a new product are so accommodating with information, they publish detailed information on how a product is built, assembled, not forgetting the constant flow of production line photos posted to the web. Saying you are a Flow employee is as credible as me saying I'm Pope Frank; Oh almost forgot "In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti"

10:41 19/12/2014

So let me get this right? There is a mass conspiracy to fool all Flow Group's Investors in to thinking that they have a world beating product. All the hundreds of employees both at Jabil and Flow are in this conspiracy and no one has leaked to the press that this is all "Emperor's New Clothes". There are going to be teething problems with this boiler and the SP might experience a bit of a roller coaster ride but they (Flow) have a product which could be a world beater. I'm in for the long haul.